What are your LO's nursery themes + colors? 🌟

Jordan C 3 likes

My daughter's room is grey with accents of white and pale pink. She has a few decorative owl items

Brit 3 likes

My little Owen has a nautical theme! We've got blues, greens, and accents of red/white! It's pretty fun and he has some cool art. :)

Morgan A 2 likes

Following! Looking for cute ideas!

Marianne M 2 likes

Kind of periwinkle blue with butterflies and dragonflies. It just kind of happened by accident.

Katelyn❀️ E 2 likes

Mine is pink with grey and white owl theme lol

JRT ! 4 likes

Alabama crimson tide!

Lexi M 1 like

Pooh bear for my first,(boy) yellow and light blue, And pink and grey elephants for my baby girl

Kaytee Jo 2 likes

We're planing on grey, green and purple for our daughter

Yessenia O 1 like

Jordan ours is similar...a light gray and pink vertical striped wall with the small lines Btwn beingpurple...and her crib set is owls

Holly A 3 likes

Wonderland....I decided since she's Alice why not lol. Pale pinks and blues, with pictures from the book.

Leah M 2 likes

Woodland/owl sage green, light brown, light blue and pink here and there. I didn't want it ultra girly!

Hillary M 2 likes

A grey rustic/midcentury modern theme.. I want to walk in and feel calm, relaxed and not overwhelmed with color.

Haley < 1 like

We have a rusticy looking sports theme(: with blues, reds, & greens &I some Browns!

Michelle B 2 likes

Baby blue walls and jungle theme! Have animal decals on the walls and safari lamp. My lo is one and is pointing at all the animals for me to name them :)

Rissa L 4 likes

All pink everything ☺️

Katie S 3 likes

I didn't pick a theme or a color. I didn't want it matchy-matchy, I'd get bored. I did the walls an off white and then I just mixed and matched everything else. I love how colorful it is!

Reaka S 3 likes

We have Lion king as the theme

Deleted A 2 likes

Tristan's is pink and grey. With elephants in the mix. Pink and grey is my fav combo and if she were a boy it would have been light blue and grey (:

Krystal P 2 likes

Owls and brown and baby blue it's so adorable!

Mama J 3 likes

lion king... he's my Simba πŸ’™

Garcia 3 likes

My son doesnt have his own room, (we have a 1 bedroom place)πŸ˜• but we painted the side of the room where his crib and everything is blue and on one wall we have his name and on the other wall my SO painted an ocean theme with ocean animals. Hes a great artist. We thought it was more sentimental if we painted it ourselves πŸ˜πŸ’™

Mrs. H 2 likes

We just went with pastel pink, white, gray & mint. Some chevron. Some baby animals. A little of this & that. lol

Jenn and B 3 likes

My sons room is Avengers themed! We skipped the baby stage and went right to toddler. now all we have to do it change the bed.

Carly F 3 likes

Dr suess is my sons theme.☺️

Robyn L 0 likes

Monkeys...pale blue walls and monkey/tree decorations

Christie M 1 like

Greys and Blues all shades.

Jasmyne T 2 likes

Grey pale blue and mint green with elephant decorations for my son

Jessica S 1 like

White navy and a bright grassy green.

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