What are your guys feelings on vaccinations?

Carol M 12 likes

Get them! They save lots of lives!

Katy M 13 likes

Absolutely yes.

Lisa W 11 likes


JVP 9 likes

Absolutely! Just not the flu(:

Ruth A 10 likes

Absolutely yes πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰

S M 9 likes

Get them!! Why put your child through a sickness that can be prevented?

Dezera U 1 like

Everything but the flu shot .

Caitlyn T 2 likes


Caitlin F 7 likes

Please please do it. You put other people's lives at risk including your little one if you don't. However there is an awesome mom on here and she wanted her baby to have the vaccines just not all at once and she got them spread out. I suggest if you don't really want to to try looking into that.

Jennifer W 8 likes

Yes! But there are different ways you can go do it. I did 2 vaccines at a time. It's less chemicals at once my LO never gets a fever or acts different or sleepy. I don't do flu vaccines.

Melissa R 9 likes

They are so important!!!! They save lives!

Paola O 8 likes

Personally i wish every mother did vacinate thier kids. Its better to prevent.

Isabella M 7 likes

omg yes. get them!!! why put a child at risk?!

Mommy D 1 like

Okay because I live in Cali and everyone is throwing a fit about the new bill. But obviously it's just the crazy ones being the loudest. Thank you. Now I can try to change minds with confidence... I get my babe vaccinated... I know they are very important not only for my child but others who can't get vaccinated...

Kaitlin C 4 likes

I agree with everyone here! It's safer for your child. Our job as mothers is to protect them, if you can protect them from getting life threatening diseases why would you not do that?

Danie M 6 likes


Kim F 5 likes

Get them, see if your dr will wait two weeks. Ours did.

Kelli M 4 likes

I'll be getting my baby shots as soon as she's old enough. I think the pros out way the cons and I want to keep my baby safe from diseases. People who are against them need to read more studies and learn about statistics in my personal opinion. But I normally don't share my opinion unless asked because I know every mom mothers differently and as long as they feel they're doing what's best for the baby then they shouldn't be judged.

Leslie M 6 likes

I agree with Jessica. My kids got every shot needed but not the flu shot. My kids never got the flu either.

Paty C 2 likes

I get the vaccines but not all together like the dr wants... I have it done weekly.... Maximum two at a time. I know it's important To give it to my LO but disagree with giving more than 2 at time...

Stephanie D 7 likes

Yes yes yes! By not vaccinating you not only risk YOUR child but OTHER children. You have to think about the people and babies who are either too young or have a condition which compromises their immune system and prevents them from being vaccinated themselves. Not only that but you also then have to depend on other parents to make a responsible choice to vaccinate their children so that your child doesn't get sick. Get the vaccines.

Out N 1 like

No there is so many bad ingredients that have no business being in a human

Sam G 6 likes

Do it! Absolutely. By not doing it, you put your child at risk for horrible illnesses. Vaccines are a lot safer than they used to be. I work in peds and we have seen very few reactions from them aside from the occasional sore leg or fever.

Lex 3 likes

uhh yes please.

Sam G 3 likes

Yeah "bad ingredients" totally make it worth not getting them.....totally trumps death from contracting one of the diseases that is preventable by getting vaccinated.

Karrine D 3 likes

100% yes! my mom had polio as a child and I saw the damage it's done to her (paralyses to her left hand) I never want my child (or any child) to go through that.

Mom of Boys 1 like

I've debated this argument myself because I've heard some convincing arguments but so far I feel like there is a stronger argument for vaccinations. However, I do not like the flu vaccine unless maybe you are really in danger of the flu causing a life threatening problem idk.

Sheila B 4 likes

Definite yes!!! Protect your children and those too young to get certain vaccines. I also agree with no flu vaccine. My entire family has never gotten a flu shot and we have never gotten the flu. In my opinion (and from what I've seen from friends) you get sick after taking the flu shot. Almost as if it gave you the flu! No thanks! I'm already miserable when I have a cold and can't imagine if I have the flu!

Britaney G 4 likes

Yes! It's selfish not to.

Danielle D 1 like

No for a few reasons...I don't like the ingredients (aluminum, trace amounts of mercury, animal DNA, aborted fetus cells...). It's toxic and messes with our DNA. I also don't like how often serious adverse reactions happen (the vaccine insert for prevnar 13 has a study that says 1 in 13, pentacel 1 in 25). Those odds are too frequent for me, and in the last 2 weeks I've seen 3 posts about serious reactions in infants receiving hep B and 2 paralysis reactions to routine vaccinations.

Danielle D 1 like

Also, vaccinated people can still carry and spread diseases if exposed...the FDA did a recent study on this with pertussis and came to that conclusion. Many vaccines shed for weeks. The CDC even states that the unvaccinated are not the driving force behind the pertussis outbreaks. Vaccines just don't work very well!

M 2 likes

Pro vaccinations

Kaitlin C 3 likes

You should vaccinate your child with the flu vaccine as well, I had a friend die from the flu 3 years ago he was only 17 because he contracted the flu and his body didn't fight it off and his organs shut down one by one. I know people don't think you should, but if they would've vaccinated their son he would still be alive today.

Britaney G 1 like

Theirs pros and cons to everything dAnielle. And I will do anything to KNOW I'm doing everything I can for my children. If you don't vaccinate, so you get antibiotics when your children is sick, or anything from the doc for that matter? If you do then it's hypocritical.

Danielle D 0 likes

Yes, there are pros and cons to everything...so every parent should make an educated decision on what is best for their family. I continually research vaccine safety and make my decision based on facts. Although my son has not been sick yet so no need for medicine, medicine is much different than vaccines. It is taken orally whereas vaccines are injected right into the blood system. These two things are very different! But I plan on using natural remedies as much as possible!

Sam G 1 like

There are only two live forms of the viruses that are given. MMR and Varivax ( chicken pox). Those can shed. But the rest are all deactivated and don't shed.

Danielle D 0 likes

There are more than two that shed: MMR, chickenpox, flu mist, rotavirus, and shingles.

Sam G 0 likes

True. I did forgot rotavirus as far as a scheduled vaccine. But pertussis is not a live vaccine.

Danielle D 0 likes

Right, pertussis is not a live vaccine! The FDA study was about how a person vaccinated against pertussis can still carry and spread pertussis if they are exposed to it...since they are vaccinated they might not show outward signs of exposure so it would be "silently" spread.

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