What are the best organic baby foods ??? Earths best ?

Dee E 1 like

Yes! I love Earths Best

Jenny S 1 like

I use Gerber Organic. Plastic containers are much easier to transport and stack!

Haley R 1 like

I stick with earths best. GMO checked and assessed

Shana V 1 like

We are big fans of earths best!

Jessica B 1 like

Beech Nut

Miriam S 1 like

We like the beech nuts. To me they taste the yummiest!

Katie S 2 likes

I'd say, earths best. But if you want to do it the all natural way & have time, cook baby food on your own.

T T 1 like

It's so easy to make yourself! Check Pinterest for recipes and have fun with it. :-)

MommyOfTwo 1 like

You should try and make them yourself. You can make a lot in one sitting and freeze it. Ice cube trays with lids work for storing. :)

Danielle M 1 like

It's better to make it yourself. I have a baby bullet I would use. And it's easy. Don't trust those "organic" baby foods. You really never know what's in them.

Cali^Mom F 1 like

I use Earth's Best, Plum, Ella's Kitchen and Happy Baby depending on what's available.

Vickie P 1 like

It's hard making your own too cause how do you know all the fruits, veggies and meat are gmo, pesticide and hormone free, especially when they're not in season.

Judy V 1 like

Make your own!

Sydney M 1 like

I like earths best. I save the glass jars for projects 😊

Stacy 0 likes

I saw this eye opening documentary entitled "gmo omg" u should watch it ::: gmos are in wvweythingggg even found in fish that were no where near gmo's !!!!! Terrible

Stacy 0 likes

Thanks !!!!

Judy V 0 likes

Genetically Modified Organisms! Oh my!

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