What are the best detergent to wash baby clothes with and fabric softener to use ?got clothes from baby shower and bought some from people

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Agree with ^.. Dreft is best detergent for babies..

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All free & clear (or clean & clear -- just woke up & not thinking straight yet). It's been perfect for both my son & myself since he was born 2.5 years ago. You only need one detergent, plus it's already much cheaper anyway!

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I washed all four of my kids clothes in the same detergent I use for my clothes.

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All free and clear and they also have all baby now ....I've never had clothes stain and never had to use stain lifter just the all that's it :)

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I used dreft until about 10 months. You don't need a fabric softener until they're older though their skin is too sensitive for it

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I use this one from the Honest Co. I use it on my husband and I's clothes also. It is a green detergent . https://www.honest.com/cleaning/honest-laundry-detergent

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We wash our sons clothes with the same detergent we use. We've never had issues of skin rashes or anything. Dreft is friggen expensive!

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Any free and clear detergent will work the same as Dreft.

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I have been using ALL since my LO was a newborn now he is 8months

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We just use the white tide that is free of dyes fragrance etc

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Pass on the fabric softener. Haven't heard of one that doesn't have a lot of chemicals. Although u could put natural fabric softener recipe in Google and probably find something safe. Dreft got an F for failing safety concerns due to developmental toxicity risks. A good website to look at when using any products on babies is ewg.org. It tests how harmful products are and grades them. Watch out for Johnson and Johnson products (including aveeno)

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7th generation

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