What are some things you ladies didn't put in your hospital bag but wish you did? When did you pack your hospital bag?

Kylie S 1 like

Snacks, socks, and warm pajamas! I packed mine the day I went in (I was induced)

Nikki B 2 likes

Don't forget your nursing pillow! Even if you aren't breastfeeding it's nice to use to lay the baby on!

A A 3 likes

Underwear ! I forgot and had to wear the hospital underwear :( I don't recommend it.

Nina T 1 like

A slipper. I wore my flipflop and it was so uncomfortable to walk around. Snack lots of your favorite snack. And a good chapstick

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 1 like

I ended up with a lot of visitors and didnt pack enough decent clothing for myself. Also you may want your own cozy blanket and pillow

Olja V 1 like

More pads!!!

Kathryn C 1 like

Extra underwear. No joke, I over packed had tons of clothes but only 1 pair of undies. I must have been doing laundry and meant to pack some and had pregnancy brain. Had to get hubby to bring me in some (he brought in a couple white undies not good) opps. And maybe a video camera.

Kestin M 1 like

Bigger size diapers 😞 Newborn wasn't cutting it!

Stacey S 1 like

Download a white noise app for your phone....we used running water from the faucet for hours

Erika H 2 likes

I think mine was more of what did I pack that I didn't need. I actually loved the hospital mesh underwear and never wore mine that I brought!! Bring slippers, Chapstick, hair brush and makeup if you want (my nurse said oh the epidural must be working you whipped out the makeup lol), camera and chargers! You really don't need a whole lot, I got all my pads and snacks from hospital. I got a spaghetti strap "nightgown" from Walmart that I wore PP. Comfy!

Nattie 1 like

I wish I brought Comfortable pjs, socks, (I brought a blankie for my son which I ended up using also and I was sooo glad I brought that!) besides that,..umm maybe makeup cos so many people wanted to take pix of me and I looked like I got run over! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

Erika H 1 like

For underwear at home I got from Walmart the 99cent granny panties (literally an old lady was looking at them while I was ha!) in a size or two bigger. They're individual, not in a pack and on a hanger

Dani D 1 like

Snacks, powerade, and my own pillows!

Megan C 0 likes

When did you ladies pack your hospital bag?

Kestin M 1 like

I packed mine at 35-36 weeks! Which was no good I didn't go into labor until 40+ weeks! He was worth the wait tho πŸ˜‰

Erika H 1 like

Oh yea pillow!! That's the one thing I wish I would've brought. I prob packed around 32 wks and left the bag in the car

Jeri W 1 like

I had an emergency delivery so I had nothing packed and the things I wanted most was a nursing or sports bra, slippers, and my own blanket.

Ryan's M 1 like

Larger size undies, robe, loose pants, slippers, shampoo, body wash, nursing pillow, phone charger

Jeri W 1 like

Pack it early! You do not want to be stuck without it!

Francine E 1 like


Naomi P 1 like

I didn't want to pack slipper socks, but my Mom made me...so glad I did!

Carrie W 3 likes

I loved the hospital underwear. I even stole a few pairs :) But my favorite thing I had was my toothbrush and body wash.

Kayla L 2 likes

FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD OMG FOOD. After I had my LO I was SOOOO hungry! The hospital food just didn't cut it and I didn't want my hubby leaving 5 or 6 times getting us stuff! Also I didn't pack a variety of clothes but I wish I would have because I wasn't in the mood for the clothes I had packed. I think I packed like a week before I had mine. And he was a week after my due date.

Hunter's m 1 like

Nursing pillow and nice to go home outfit for baby 😩 he went home in a onesie (August bday)

Evie 1 like

I totally think I took too much crap. I literally didn't use anything I took for the baby besides his one outfit when we had visitors. The hospital gives you everything you need for the baby and for yourself. Just bring a robe, some slippers, and some of your favorite snacks and you're set. Lol

Katie R 1 like

Back scratcher! I ended up with a horrible allergic reaction and couldn't stop itching. Candy, headphones and nail polish

V R 1 like

Ipad, Toiletries, socks, slippers, makeup, nice comfty clothes. I had a lot of visitors and looked like a mess lol!

Kayla 1 like

Chapstick lol I ended up getting my husband to ask the nurses for Vaseline to rub on my lips. I had my bags packed for awhile but I had issues and had a few hospital stays before I was induced. All good now though :)

Jenn V 1 like

All your shower stuff for when you get to take one, your own pillow, robe, yoga pants, house shoes, rubber bands for hair, Lotion, Chapstick, a nursing bra or tank if you are gonna nurse. I loved the mesh underwear but bring some if your own in case you hate them.

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