What are some party ideas for a 3 year old with a winter birthday?

Michelle P 0 likes

Does she like Frozen? You could use that theme. I have a friend who used "winter wonderland".

Kelly ? 1 like

Gym. We rented a gym out and a party room and it was a blast! This year im thinking of horses maybe?

Michelle P 1 like

Now that I think about it, you didn't say if it was for a girl lol sorry!

Mommaofkj j 0 likes

have an indoor party with play areas for the kids like games arts and crafts and a face painting and have burgers hot dogs salads or get catering from a place u like

Ashley C 0 likes

Yes this is for a boy, I am also on a budget since I am a single parent, this is so hard and I feel like if I don't reserve a place soon I won't be able to get into one.

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