What are some good precautions to take when using the pull out method only? I am tired of taking birth control it makes me feel horrible so I am done with it.

JVP 2 likes

We've used it. Never had issues. You really got to trust your partner to be able to pull out in time.

Creative M 1 like

Same here! It's always worked us

Out N 2 likes

Just be prepared if it dosent work. That's what I've always been told. But we used it for 5 years no issue the second we used condoms I got pregnant. And then we used it for almost 2 years before I conceived my son by compleat mirical

Mrs P 2 likes

It always has worked for us as well. Just gotta have good timing :)

Em's M 7 likes

Pulled out method is not the most effective and semen can be contained in precum so probably not your best choice for birth control.

Jess M 2 likes

I would also try getting an app to track your periods and your ovulation timing. That might help a little as well and maybe be super carful the week you are ovulating

Kade's M 1 like

maybe download an app like P Tracker so u know ur fertile & ovulation days... i know it cant be 100% accurate, but it cant hurt to try to stay away from those days if just relying on the pull out method...

Lexi M 1 like

I used it for 5 years and it was awesome. One little oops though and you might be sh*t outta luck. You have to have a lot of faith in your partner.

Evie 2 likes

I got pregnant on the pull out method before. I wouldn't trust it at all! Maybe try using condoms for a while. It's not easy at first but then you both get used to it eventually.

R S 4 likes

I can say all it takes is for a tinny little one on the wrong day. We did that and calendar combined because I couldn't do anything with hormones, and IM DUE MONDAY!!!๐Ÿ˜ I would consider an IUD if you are not ready for a definite no and if you dont want to be taking bc

Danie M 3 likes

There's pre cum so it doesn't matter how fast he pulls out, I got pregnant twice that way, he wasn't anywhere near finishing.. Something that'll help your chances a little of not getting pregnant though is to track your ovulation and avoid sex around that time but even that's not always 100%.. What about using contraception film?

GG 7 likes

There's an old joke.. What do you call people who use the rhythm method or pullout method for birth control? Parents There's a reason for that joke. So just be prepared to end up one if that's your birth control.

C B 1 like

It worked for 3 years for me! Try using your mouth or hands when u know he is almost ready

Felisha L 2 likes

My husband and I have always used the pull out method and never had an issue. Just make sure your guy knows his timing. And never have sex right after he already ejaculated, unless he urinates then it should be fine.

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