What are some good birth control methods after delivery? I'm not comfortable with the toothpick thing that goes in your arm, but I can't remember to take the pill. And this may sound weird but I can't insert anything by myself. I'm just too scared I would mess up and end up getting pregnant again too soon. Please help! :)

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I just use good ol vinyl condoms.. But that's because I'm allergic to everything lol

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I am using the implant (toothpickthing) lol i am totally down with it!! Its amazing!! No having to remember pills n no frequent pain of shots.. It actully help me lose weight. Recommend 100%

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How about the shot?

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I use depo just a shot every 3 months

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The shot is making me bleed like crazy. I'm on the second shot bleeding for the past two weeks.

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I've had two shots of the depo so far with no problems no period yet either

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Iam going to try the IUD hopefully its good.

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I liked the shot because it was every 3 months , I didn't get my period for 3 years while on it , got off of it & got pregnant the first month lol Only thing is I gained ALOT of weight I went from 125 to 245 Thankfully im at 175 now but I still want to be lower

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