What are signs of a dairy allergy for a 3 month old?

Baby M 0 likes

Rash, diarrhea, wheezing.

Laura L 1 like

Plus more than the normal amount of spit up and vomiting. Coughing and sneezing can be signs of reflux caused by a milk allergy or just reflux.

Rijvana P 0 likes

Mucus in their poop like white string type thing in poop. That's what my doctor said to look out for

Melissa S 0 likes

Ours had constipation really bad. Switched her to ailmentum and she's happier and not constipated.

F T 0 likes

Blood in the stools!

Sarah B 0 likes

My LO just broke out in ecezma and had very dark green poop. Her ecezma was on her face, arms, belly and ankles.

Sarah B 0 likes

I just went through that too when she turned 3-months...she was on milk formula since week 2 and now is on soy

Moira C 0 likes

Yeah, face eczema is a clear milk allergy sign with a lot of spit up that can be missed as reflux.

April F 0 likes

My lo was spitting up a lot all the time very gassy and then developed a rash all over his head and neck

Amanda H 0 likes

Blood in stool and pumps on face. My son was allergic to cows milk protein. He was put on Neocate it was so bad. He was tested at 12 months for allergies and grow out of it...thankfully.

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