What are obvious signs ur man is cheating ?

JustinJr’s M 2 likes

He doesn't want you touching his phone 📱 he won't let you see it

2Sweet B 3 likes

Suddenly picky about his phone and randomaly added a password and he completely starts acting different, I was with someone and we always took showers togethers, he didn't care if I was in the bathroom while he was on the toilet etc, when he was cheating he was 100% opposite, wanted to shower alone, wanted more privacy

O & C's M 5 likes

Accusing you of being unfaithful. Being away from home more often. Maybe offering to do unusual things like to to the grocery store for you, etc-so he can get away for a bit. And like said above, guarding his phone.

Rylie G 2 likes

All of the above. I would also add An unexplained change in sexual behaviours: either no sex or strange/different sex

Ezrah A 0 likes

Rylie Gwen oh that one I totally notice !🤭

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