What are my options for birth control? What's most effective - temporary and permanent methods? Also please mention any side effects you know of. I will discuss this with my OBGYN as well but wanted to ask y'all.

Jelsey T 2 likes

I had the one in my arm before I loved it me it stopped my period n never had to worry if I remember to take it or not but I've known some that it made there periods worse n they hurt so really depends on how your body taks to it

Becky W 1 like

I just stick to the pill. Just set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take it. Just knowing that I'll have my period is reassuring. The pill does give me bad headaches though.

Kalene B 1 like

I was on tricyclin which is the pill and it worked amazing for me ! My friends on the patch and she loves it !!

Lauren M 0 likes

I agree, everyone's body will respond differently. I just done the pill..it kept my periods regular and hormones balanced. Just don't miss any - set an alarm to take it every day at the same time. Or you'll end up like me (36 weeks prego) haha but worth it. There's also the depo shot which apparently makes you gain a lot of weight, the ring (which the thought of a ring in there freaks me out), or surgery.

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Pill: effectiveness is best (90%?) if you take it at same time every day. Side effects vary slightly depending on each person and the pill itself: appetite changes, mood changes, initial period changes that usually regulate as you continue the pill.

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Patch: hormonal; less hassle; unsure of effectiveness Depo-Provera shot: very effective. Injections occur every three months at the drs office. Side effects include: period abnormalities varying from no period to prolonged heavy bleeding, appetite changes, mood changes, weight changes

Lynne L 1 like

IUD: very effective long term (up to 5 years of you choose). Can get hormonal implant or implant free- both rest in the uterus and are inserted in the drs office. Side effects of hormonal basically are same as pills/Depo and both have minor risk of puncturing the uterine wall or cervix. Implant that goes under skin in your arm: releases hormones. I'm not sure how effective

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Physical barriers: less effective, need to be initiated every time you have sexual contact [cervical sponge, diaphragm, female and male condoms Natural family planning: monitor and track daily body temperature, cervical mucus. More of a hassle but works well for some people

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Thank you ladies!

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My friend had the IUD three years but it just gave her a bad infection! She is a hormonal mess and she was hurting for over a month before she realized what was going on. They pulled it right out when they found out and out her on a way strong antibiotic. Her dr is very concerned and calls her almost every day!

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