What are best nipple/botyles to use when transitioning bf baby to bottle when I return to work. I still want to breastfeed too without baby havin nipple confusion. Thanks!

Lydia S 0 likes

Ive uses Avent since my little one was 4 weeks old to get him ready for when I return to work. He LOVES them

Jules M 1 like

Medela calma nipple! It acts like a real nipple baby as to suck to get milk, unlike other nipples that slowly flow. It's a bit pricey but I think worth it!

Katherine B 0 likes

I used avent bottles.

Marianne M 1 like

Love love love the Medela Calma, too! Started using it in the NICU and we never had any issues going back and forth. Whatever you decide, I'd recommend starting as soon as you can. Baby is going to want momma most of the time.

Mother Of A 1 like

We use Tommee Tippee...those were the only ones he would take and we tried almost everything!! They are considered the closest thing to breasts

Sarah O 0 likes

Dr Browns bottles are awesome. They help with gas and colic.

Kristin A 0 likes

My baby won't take the Calma nipple because it doesn't have that first drip to let him know there's milk in there.

Cara G 0 likes

Never had a problem with dr browns bottles

Liz C 0 likes

Avent Natural

Rebecca H 0 likes

I've heard mimijumi (sp?) are great. We went with Tommy Tippee and it's the only nipple dd2 will take if not bf'ing her.

Caroline W 0 likes

I use Playtex Ventaire wide. Start with slow flow nipples. It's not confusion it's preference. Don't ever give baby a bottle always have someone else do it.

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