What all special holiday traditions do you all do? This Christmas is my first with my family in our own home so I'm excited and wanna make it fun for my daughter!

Hilary P 0 likes

I do thanksgiving Christmas Easter and all other big holidays

Samantha J 1 like

Decorating with the kids! I have a few traditional food items we make, sometimes baked goods with the kids.. If I'm feeling up to it!

Tamaran B 1 like

Making Cookies Elf on a shelf Christmas Eve pjs and the night before Christmas book Also cookies and milk for Santa a coke and carrot for the reindeer Reindeer food Christmas Eve it's oatmeal and glitter sprinkle it out side so Santa can see to land Leave a special key on the tree for Santa Silly Christmas photos

Tamaran B 1 like

Making Christmas ornaments is also fun

Erin H 1 like

Getting a tree together n having your picture taken before you cut it down. Also taking a piece of the trunk if the tree and writing down the yr and everyone's names n sealing it. Or put ur LOs hand print on an ordiment. This holiday season is my LOs first as well. :)

Angie B 0 likes

We decorate Santa Claus hats bake cookies and open one gift on Christmas Eve

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