If you spank your child, what is an acceptable age to begin using it as discipline?

Franny E 1 like

12yrs old I guess. Words will solve everything!

Carrie M 3 likes

My son is 16 months and I spank him, but not hard enough to actually hurt just a little pat on the butt

Gunner Danger's M 3 likes

Oh tough one! They have to be old enough to understand the idea of consequences and exactly what they're being punished for. I wouldn't think they can manage all that before about 2-3 years? They need pretty good communication skills. I'm interested to see what other mommies think.

Eryn 3 likes

I occasionally use it with my 18 month old. Only if he does something after being told not to. And not for every little thing because then I'd be spanking all the time. Most of the time, after 2 or 3 no's he listens. I will spank if he pulls the dogs hair and won't let go, does something to hurt someone. Or if he's starting to throw a huge tantrum because of not getting what he wants. With that being said. He rarely gets spankings because he usually listens the first time. And they are not hard

Eryn 3 likes

6 months is waaaayyy too young for a child to understand.

Marianne M 5 likes

I don't spank yet at 21 months, but I'm not opposed. I think it depends on how well your little one comprehends and understands what is really going on. I'd reserve spanking for willful disobedience, so they really need to understand the rules in place, and the consequences and make those choices anyway.

Jordan C 1 like

I think anytime of physical punishment shouldn't be used until at least age 2

Leslie 3 likes

My sons 18 months and I don't spank him yet only cause I think he would make a big joke out of it lol. I just get stern with him and he usually will understand.

Gina B 1 like

When is it okay to let your lo try milk?

Jordan C 1 like

Gina, cows milk isn't recommended until one year.

Nallely C 0 likes

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your feedback!

Eryn 1 like

Leslie, sometimes my son does that too haha.

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