What age is good to start having play dates? I have a 14mo who is going crazy at home and I have some mommy friends with children her age, but I also have a 1mo. Is she too young to bring around other children?

Isabella M 2 likes

We have them now with my 9m old. I have a ton of friends with babies that are about the same age. We usually meet up at each others houses and have lunch while they play.

Yvonne A 1 like

I would start now. As for the 1mo that's your choice. If you know where your going is clean, Illness free I don't see a problem.

Ty L 2 likes

I was wondering too!!! My LO needs friends! I know he gets tired of me lol he goes to daycare but I want him to interact with other children as much as possible because at daycare I've noticed he is a loner. The kids want to play with him but he goes to a corner by himself lol

Kathryn C 2 likes

I have had playdates a few times already and my son is almost 4mo

M B 3 likes

14 months was the age for us when we started her on playdates. Your 1 month old will be really dependent on you, so I'm not sure about playdates yet. Maybe a tag a long but just be careful of the sick kids.

Coryn P 3 likes

I'm a STAHM, my nephew is a few months older than my 14mo so we have play dates with him. But my poor child needs some socialization lol.

Coryn P 1 like

I know my 14mo is ready, I'm just wondering if it's okay for me to bring my 1mo. I can't leave her home alone, after all. Lol

Francine D 2 likes

I'd say wait till your little one at least has his or hers first shot. So like two months. But 14 months is a good way to get them to start interacting with other kids

Olja V 1 like

My LO is turning 3 months in a few day and as soon as it warms up a bit we are doing them... I didnt take her around other kids before (flu season) as for you i would wait til the weather is nice

Baby M 3 likes

The baby is one month old already????? Time flies

Jeanette V 1 like

My son is only 7M and he has had play dates for like a month or so. Since he is aware of things now and crawls and learning how to walk already. I would usually wait if the child has not had their shots yet . But usually around 6 or 7M is good to start play dates .

Andrea H 1 like

We haven't had any, except with his cousins. He's 7 months. But it's not cuz I don't want to. I don't have a car right now and time has gotten the best of all of us. I'd love to have play dates! I would've started them before 4 months if my mommy friends had the time

Michelle W 1 like

I would gets you girls out of the house & worse comes to worse builds babes immune system lol go enjoy yourselves 😊

Kathryn C 1 like

Its not just your daughter that needs socialization but mommy does too!

Adrienne L 1 like

Play dates are great at any age. We started at about 1 month for my daughter. Just being around another baby, seeing another little one, etc. was great for her. It was also good for us....great way to share tips & tricks, hear the latest details on info from others, & share 'day in the life experiences'....awesome to know parents aren't alone in efforts with raising kids.

Coryn P 1 like

Kathryn you're right about that!! I love my husband, but some girl time would be nice. Nicole, I know, right? She's growing too fast!

Eryn 1 like

I think 1 month is plenty old enough. Maybe just keep her close if you're worried about germs. I had my son going everywhere before he was even a week old! Good for the immune system :)

K M 1 like

As long as the little one isn't touched all over and passed around too much she'll be fine☺️

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