What age do you switch to a toddler bed?


10 months old

Logan's M 1 like

When your LO can climb out of their crib and you feel it's no longer safe.

Katelyn J 0 likes

10 months seems very early to me... I'm thinking at least 18 months.

Leslie 1 like

18 months.

Krystal K 0 likes

My daughter went into a toddler bed at two. It's when your child is ready and when you feel comfortable with them sleeping in one.

Kristen H 0 likes

He's never really tried to climb out of his crib but he is climbing.

Crystal Q 0 likes

We made the switch with my son at 11 months

Casens m 0 likes

I switched my son over a little after a year

Casens m 0 likes

But he's never tried to climb out usually ppl switch when they begin to try and escape the crib

Heather K 0 likes

If he's climbing, he will for sure climb out - I would switch now

Ashley C 0 likes

My son never really slept in his toddler bed now that he's older but when he was littler he slept in his crib and never gave a problem trying to climb out, now he sleeps with me lol...but I would say it's better to switch as soon as your child starts trying to climb out of the crib

Carolynn V 1 like

My first never climbed. She was in there until 2 and a half. My second will be 2 in May and is still in it too

Karla D 0 likes

Go straight to a twin bed. Toddler beds are a waste of $$$$.

Delmary N 1 like

15 months got a twin bed bought a bed railing and just put the the bed to the wall so they will not fall

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