What age do you mommas like your babysitters to be? Girls (we don't have many boy sitters) around my area usually start babysitting around 12 , which I think is fine if the kids are a bit older (like 3+) but I think 15+ is a good age.What do you think?

Leslie H 2 likes

I started babysitting at 15! I started with 11 month old-8 year olds. But I think now that I am (almost) a mother I'd want someone a bit older. 20 maybe.. But that's just me. 😊

Tarha S 2 likes

Really depends on the individual! My babysitter is 19 and very mature for her age! But I'd bet not all 19 year old girls run the same maturity levels!! Ask lots of questions!!

Anna S 0 likes

I agree it depends on the individual. My sister in law is 17 and she has watched my toddler...but I'm not really comfortable with her watching my infant. If you know the person well you should be able to make a comfortable decision either way. :)

Olivia H 2 likes

I like my babysitters to be around 17. I only let someone older or younger babysit if I know them really well. My fear is that if I don't know them well and they're older, they'll try to kidnap her (I watch too many lifetime movies lol) and I fear that the younger ones are too irresponsible.

JooLin R 0 likes

Depends on who you trust. Most of our babysitters are 12-14 yo. They are far less busy so easier to book. Haha!

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