We've decided it's time to go for our second. 10 years ago when we had our daughter a "fertility" app didn't exist. Has anyone used one and? Any suggestions?

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We used one that was like a fertility tracker. Our dr said (excuse the graphicness please ;)) "doing it" multiple times a day every day causes his count to go down because it take time for swimmers to reload. Sorry if that doesn't help. We tried from May to August and ended up getting prego in July. I found out at 7 weeks.

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Keep up with it!

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What to expect fertility

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It works !!! I have a son who is almost 13,and hubby and I wanted to have a baby together,and I used an ovulation tracker app,and we only tried once,when the app said I was most fertile,and when it said it would be a girl. We found out 4 weeks later we were pregnant,and a few months after found out we were indeed having a girl :-)

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Fertility friend is awesome!

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Both my friend and I used the app ovuline and for pregnant! Try that!

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Fertility friend is actually the first one that shows up when I search for a tracker. Thanks for everyone's input!

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