We're finding out the sex of the baby in a couple if weeks. Can anyone suggest cute gender reveal ideas that don't require an expensive photo shoot or throwing a big party? Thanks!

Julie H 0 likes

Putting either pink or blue balloons in a box and then opening the box in front of everyone, letting the colored balloons revealing the gender fly out as you open the box.

Diannah D 1 like

I got some blue paint and did my hand and my SOs hand to make a heart around my belly button and then did our dogs paw prints as well on a shirt. Then I made signs that said "we are getting a baby brother!" And took pics with the dogs of all of it. $9 for shirt and like $5 for paint

Nicole M 2 likes

Bake a cake in the color of the gender and have family over for a BBQ or small lunch :)

Heather C 3 likes

Confetti in a balloon! Or puncture a whole in an egg and drain it out, then fill it with paint and have family throw it at a canvas.

Melissa G 0 likes

You can do the pink and blue balloons, cupcakes with the inside the color of sex..or I saw where one couple had a baseball and a softball and had them both behind their backs and showed which one they were having to reveal the sex , thought that was a cute idea.

Marianne M 4 likes

Are you going to find out right away? Have the tech seal it in an envelope and open it with your family/friends. Your surprise and reaction will be a lot of fun for them!

Shelby E 0 likes

Get a big box and pink or blue balloons, fill the box with the color of gender and have family over for bbq or something then open the box for everyone to see the color of balloons.

Nikki 1 like

I had a pink and blue balloon tied to my dog. We posted that on facebook and sent it to families as a stay tuned. Once we found out we were having a boy we had a picture of my chocolate lab with the blue balloon tied to her collar. We used big shiney balloons in the shape of a heart. It was so cute and cost me $5. I used my iPhone app to add a border around it. Nothing fancy but it was so cute and and we got a great response from it.

MAMA B 1 like

We used fortune cookies and put a slip in each your going to be a grandma and so on and we used blue for the paper!!! Good luck let us know what you decide

Debbie S 1 like

I made a cake, covered in white frosting, and made the frosting in the middle blue because we were having a boy! So easy and simple and fun to cut the cake for my mom and sister(:

Shannon B 0 likes

I had a friend take photos of us at a local park just using my iPhone and then I edited some on my iPad. I put a big blue ribbon on my dog's collar, had blue balloons, etc. I then posted on facebook. We didn't do a party or anything.

Veronica Z 1 like

My friend used silly string. They all sprayed at the same time.

Evette V 0 likes

Aw fun! We had our Moms open a box of cupcakes that had little decorations on top that said boy. We didn't have to eat blue cupcakes and have blue teeth afterwards that way. : )

Carlee C 0 likes

I took a picture of myself with a blue ribbon around my belly. Posted on facebook

Samantha H 0 likes

I printed off "we are going to be big brothers" and put it in a frame and than made my three dogs pose behind it, my dogs are big part of my family. I loved it!

Wallaby M 1 like

You could give a baker an envelope with the sex and he could make a pink or blue cake (inside) covered with white frosting so the gender is revealed as you slice into it

Sofi M 1 like

Have the doctor write down the sex on a piece of paper, go to babies r us and pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit, take them to the cashier and tell them to look at the paper and to put the appropriate outfit in a box, take it home and video you opening it with your husband (partner) and post the video on your facebook or a Sofia network.

Sofi M 0 likes

*social network.

Kendra R 0 likes

We wrapped up a gender specific outfit for each of the twins and had grandma and auntie open them and took pictures. One of them I wrapped in blue tissue paper just to keep em guessing.

Denise H 0 likes

Thanks everyone! These are some great ideas!

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