Went to the docs Thursday and I was only 1cm dilated. Currently 39 weeks and doc scheduled me to be induced for this coming Friday at 5am:( I really hope my water breaks before then because my mom told me being induced hurts way more than having it naturally. Kinda bummed and scared:/

Melissa B 1 like

Depends on the person, my mum said it didn't hurt at all.. You may be someone who is lucky that way. Good luck!

Guadalupe V 1 like

My experience being induced was not good but I other woman who did great

J B 2 likes

Congratulations, how exciting. Don't worry or be bummed about anything, you're about to be a mama. I had to be induced, and while it did make the contractions a bit more intense, it moved labor along quicker. While it's great to be prepared, be ready to throw your birth plan out the window and roll with the punches. In the end, regardless how it happens, you will be one proud mama holding your newborn!! Best of luck to you!!

Sherry H 1 like

I was induced with both of my boys and both times my experience was wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing.

Violetta K 1 like

I was induced ,didn't feel Anything at all! Being induced is a right thing as a baby ready to be born on 38th week ,if you carry the baby more than 40 weeks he/she is gaining more weight,and you as well and it ll be more difficult for you to deliver ! So it's all gonna be ok, don't worry )

Ashton W 2 likes

Ooh me being induced her like shizzzzz but only because I wasn't effaced or nothing so they had to do everything for me so it hurt sooo bad! But I was 1 cm and not thinned at all

Mr. And Mrs. C 1 like

I was induced. Had the pill inserted in my cervix:painless then had my water broken: painless just scary

Jaime S 1 like

Being induced is not bad. No worries! It'll be such a good experience it won't matter if you were induced or not.

W P 2 likes

Breanna, I was induced with first two and recently had my third. My water broke with the third and that was only difference, still needed pitocin and took epidural pretty early. It's really no different. And the pain is truly up to you and how much you want to experience. That's all the easy part!! You will be okay and remember women do this everyday. Plus you forget all the bad afterwards and only remember the wonderful!! Good luck!!!

Sarah S 1 like

Everyone has a different experience. I was scheduled to be induced at 7pm and ended up going in to labor that morning at 2am so who knows maybe your little one will still come on their own. Good Luck!

Monique P 1 like

If you aren't high risk you can say no

Rijvana P 1 like

I was induced and I heard the same thing but nope people were wrong. Induction did not hurt me. I thought it was way easier then after water broke. Labor pain is labor pain. It is not going to be piece of cake but when people say induction is harder they are wrong. Everyone has different pain tolerance and every body is different. You just have to go in there and figure it out for your body. Good luck and congratulations for your upcoming little one ☺️

Rijvana P 2 likes

Oh and forgot to tell you I was always 1cm only. Never dilated. In-call doctor had to tear it for me. My body did nothing on its own. Lol I would only suggest to take epidural early. I took the pain and decided very late when I couldn't tolerate anymore to take epidural but after that it easier again.

Natalie D 1 like

Just walk every day this week!!! I was ready to have my little one and decided to walk a mile a day every day.

Amanda S 1 like

The contractions do come on quicker with the induction but it also has to deal with your pain threshold. I did the induction and had an epidural for the second half and it was fine. Baby came out quickly and I was so glad to have her on my arms. Pain or no pain.

J S 4 likes

That seems early for an induction if you will only be 40 weeks at that time, unless there is a medical concern. If you and baby are healthy and you want to wait for labor to start on its own, you can refuse the induction.

Lisa P 1 like

I went in on a Sunday to be induced I was 1cm so they had to ripen me. That wasn't painful at all it took till Tuesday morning for me to get to 4 cm then they gave me the pitosen. That's when I started feeling pain took the epidural around 2:30 pm and felt nothing within a min. At around 4 pm they had to do a csection. Lo still didn't want to come out.

Hannah M 1 like

Even if your water breaks, you still might need to be induced. My doc ruptured my membranes, and the following night my water broke. I wasnt dilating, so they had to give me pitocin. Let me tell you... That shit hurts! They ended up giving me morphine because I didnt want an epidural. I was in the hospital 23 hours before my son was born. GOOD LUCK!!!

M. S 2 likes

You have a 67% higher risk of a csection with an induction. A baby is not full term until 40 weeks (although healthy babies can decide to come before this time), new guidelines no longer promote induction before 40 weeks unless medically necessary (preeclampsia). Often due dates can be off by up to two weeks, my midwife wouldn't even consider induction until I was 41+3 and it's not until after 42 weeks that the risks of baby staying in start increasing due to placentas decreasing efficiency.

Jackie M 2 likes

I was induced with my son. I was scared at first but my husband and the doctors were there to help me and talk to me during the whole process.

Sarah B 1 like

I was induced and it wasn't bad. It was my first baby too so I had no experience...everyone tried telling me it hurt but I ignored them because with your first, you have no prior experience to compare pain levels to. My labor/delievery went very quickly after being induced too

Lillian G 2 likes

seems a bit early to induce, no? My obgyn said she would wait until a week after my due date before she would induce - as it turned out I was induced a few days before my due date because they were worried about my liver. I was in active labor for 7 hours - of course it hurt (it's labor) but it was totally do-able! There is no way to know if being induced made it worse but I really don't think it did. Good luck!

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