Welp,I officially have a meeting on Thurs to set up an appt for my son to be evaluated by an early intervention specialist. I know its in his best interest but im still kind of upset. Hes only 16 months and hes met every other milestone on time, but hes not talking yet. Im only doing this at the doctors discretion. Any moms have to do this?

Nicole H 3 likes

Yep, did it with my DD. don't worry, better to have him in the system now then to wait too long. He will be fine and most likely enjoy the sessions. My daughter loved her therapists.

EL . 1 like

My first child dr wanted to send her for speech Therapy but I said there was no need . She spoke when she was ready , it just took a little longer for her compare to some toddlers .

Caitlin V 2 likes

Some kids just talk late. But the best person to determine that is the speech therapist so don't feel bad for reaching out. I know it's upsetting but chances are your LO will do speech therapy for a little while and then be all caught up. Better that's the case than let LO get behind with no help. I know it's really upsetting to hear your kiddo isn't following the "normal" path but just take comfort in knowing that it will make you and your LO that much stronger for the exeperience.

Marianne M 2 likes

We were referred to early intervention for communication and it was an awesome experience! They worked with my daughter, but they also gave us a lot of tips and pointers to help her in that and a lot of other areas. They were great to work with and ours were very qualified. I was sad when she "graduated".

Lisa M 2 likes

Thank you everyone 😊

Megan 2 likes

My daughter started on it since she came home from the hospital because she was a preemie and very low birth weight. I thought it was a blessing because it didn't hurt and it was just an extra eye and help. She doesn't see them anymore at 9 months but I would happily go back if it was suggested!

Mama J 1 like

My son is 2 and recently started speech therapy and LOVES it.

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