Well decided to get a c section due to circumstances of baby. Go in tomorrow. Super scared and nervous. It's worrying that I'm not excited but I think it's just bc I'm so scared and have such bad anxiety. I was up all night with panic attacks.

Logan's M 0 likes

I had a c-section and I was fine. You will be, too :) Just focus on the prize at the end!!!

Patricia B 0 likes

Oh, honey. A c section really is nothing. The recovery hurts like hell, but it's really nothing to worry about. I'm about to have my second one. Just remember to take deep breaths and don't let your anxiety get the best of you.

Brooklyns M 0 likes

Same thing happened to me, just be around your love ones today and they will distract you ! It really helped me :)

Brandi C 0 likes

It's not that bad. I psyched myself out real bad too with nerves and though it's serious and not to be taken lightly they are actually very routine! I never felt a thing heck I didn't even know the doc was in the room and next thing I know my DH was pointing me to the baby! You'll do great just try to breathe so you don't have panic attacks!

Dee E 0 likes

Good luck and sending positive vibes for you and your LO 😃

Karen D 0 likes

Dont worry love! Good thing about this is that you are getting this csecrion for your LO! You really wont feel a thing! And you will be awake to hear your LOs first cry! You wont go thru the contraction pain. Some women go thru full on contraction and dilated 8cm and them after all the work had to go thru csection :( csections are a pain to recover but you really wont care after you have your LO in your arms ❤️❤️ GREATEST FEELING EVER!

Danie M 0 likes

I had 1 vaginal and 2 c sections.. While I prefer vaginal the c section wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.. Good luck :)

Linsi M 0 likes

I had a scheduled c-section. It's a very calm process. Just focus on waiting for baby. I just talked to the anesthesiologist & my husband until the doctor told my hubby to stand up & watch our girls being born. Then I heard their first cries & that was all that mattered. I saw them on the warmer & I was the first one to hold them (even while laying on my back lol). Just stay calm & try to get some sleep tonight. Good luck & congrats!

Megan N 0 likes

I had to have one too, it's not that bad at all. Worst part is waiting so long to hold that baby! I felt better around a week and half. Good luck and enjoy that baby!

Alicia C 0 likes

It is a little nerve wracking knowing when it's going to happen, but it's so nice when you go and you know what to expect- So quick! Easier to recover when you don't exhaust yourself trying to deliver first. I just told myself the night before going in- "at least I know what to expect this time, as apposed to not knowing what to expect with delivery the first time." Just try to rest. Also, drink lots of water! Good luck :)

Becky W 0 likes

It's really not that bad. I didn't feel a thing and my baby was out in about 10-15 minutes. I cried tears of joy hearing him cry and then once I held him it was heaven. They played country music for me while I was waiting for my OB and anesthesiologist. You'll do just fine. Just relax and keep your eye on the prize! :) such an exciting time!

Nappy L 0 likes

I had c-section; my first child. I was scared and pray to God so I can vaginal but didn't happens bc I dialed only 5cm and it stopes. It wasn't bad at I though. Surgery went so quick and I recover quick too. Just have love around you to support and keep you company. God is good. Good luck.

Lisa K 1 like

It's not bad at all! I was so scared too, but would prefer it over a vaginal delivery- they do all the work :) When you get home, just relax and be with your baby 👶

Victoria V 0 likes

I went into the hospital and they had to induce me I dilated to 10 and pushed or two hours and 45 minutes only to have to resort to a C-section and the C-section was great they give you medicine and you won't even care what's going on you'll be able to show emotion when baby is born but your anxiety will go away.

Margaret S 0 likes

I had one and it wasn't bad - I was super nervous and upset too but now I'm very ok with it. There are some positives to a c-section - try to focus on that and as long as that baby is healthy that is all that matters! Good luck!!

Anya C 0 likes

I had one too :) it's all good!

Shannon R 0 likes

I had a c-section after 20 hours of labor. I was nervous bc I've never had any kind of surgery. My epidural didn't work and I ultimately had to have general anesthesia but it was worth every minute once I woke up and held my LO. My DH got to feed him first while I was coming out of my anesthesia. Recovery was easy and I didn't even use my pain meds. Goodluck

Sophie's mom 0 likes

Good luck! You can do it. :)

Chelsey H 0 likes

It is so much easier than it sounds. I've had two and had relatively good recoverys, mainly just hated having the staples in (they pull a lot). No pain during, just uncomfortable pulling. Pretty painful the first couple days after but the pain meds help. You'll do great! Just remember to bring extra pillows - you'll want to be propped up to sleep and you'll need one to hold if you have to laugh.

Twin M 0 likes

I had twins vaginally then my last baby had to be c section. I was nervous too but for no reason. It's not that bad. Just get up and start walking as soon as they will let u. Don't over do it listen to ur body but u will be fine. I know I sound stupid but after having twins and then a c section for a single baby I would ask for another c section if I have other children.

Shannon R 0 likes

C section was easy. It was the 2 hours of labor before that sucked. Planned c section is much better. My recovery was easy and I didn't even use pain meds after the hospital. Staples out the following week.

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