Well 4 months postpartum I started losing chunks of hair then started using dr bronners peppermint soap and my hair stopped falling out !! Yay but it’s also growing and now I have a big bush on top of my head of new hair that I can't hair spray down (pic in comments )

JustinJr’s M 0 likes

I know it's a blurry pic but hopefully you can see all the hair that's growing because of that soap ! Anyways it's impossible to cover it up ! I don't know what to do

Stephanie 1 like

Moose when it's damp and stick it down lol or get a scarf and tie like a bow on your head to cover it till it grows out. Or just don't leave the house. Lol if you don't leave the house you don't even have to do your hair

Born A. M 1 like

That growth is amazing!!!

JustinJr’s M 0 likes

Born A. Mom yes it is and it's all over you can also see it and the end of my forehead how it's growing all the hair I lost ! It’s just a challange to fix my hair so you cant see all the short hairs

JustinJr’s M 0 likes

Mommy Of 2 Boys yes I've been home 🏡 no way can I leave the house looking crazy ! But I was thinking of wrapping a scarf around my head , but don't think it will stay not even if I pin it down

Magillicudy M 1 like

Same thing happened to me, except I didn't use any special shampoo! I think that’s just what happens to some people!

Christie M 1 like

JustinJr’s Mommyis this it?

Christie M 1 like

Or this one

JustinJr’s M 1 like

Christie Marie yes! That's the one . Don't use it as a body wash because it’s super tingly lol. Also don't use conditioner on your scalp when using this , trial and error just start conditioner around bottom of ear level and down . You can also purchase it in bar soap form and works just as good and its around $5 , Target walmart has them in both forms

JustinJr’s M 1 like

Christie Marie I've used both and both Work well. Lather the bar soap in your hands then apply and massage on hair . Im Wild with the liquid I just squeeze a amount in my hair straight from the bottle then massage my hair lather and rinse .

Second Time M 1 like

Apply gel, hair spray or mousse to your hands and then flatten it on top of your hair and see if it works? Maybe just wear your hair in a pontytail for a little bit!

Kits M 1 like

Omg I need this- my hair has been falling out since I had my son almost 3 years ago 😳 it works that well? Have you been doing anything else

MamaBear 1 like

Thank you for sharing this. Everytime I get out of the shower I have so much hair in the drain that it looks like I could make my own pet gerbil. As for the hair, take one of those big clips we all had in the 90s and swirl your hair up and clip it up top. When it falls, it'll cover the growth. Also, I'm loving that phone case!!

MamaBear 2 likes

Orrrr just be a total redneck for a while and wear a baseball cap... I love my camo hat! 😊

Christie M 1 like

Thanks JustinJr’s Mommy. I will trying this. My hair is thin up front.

Erin W 1 like

I noticed you posted that you use this as shampoo awhile back on a thread! We use this soap as body wash so I decided to give it a try! It dried my hair out so bad!!! How do you make it so your hair doesn't dry out? I use conditioner of course but still left my hair really dry. Also I would just wear a beanie 🤷🏻‍♀️ it's hat season right?!

JustinJr’s M 0 likes

Kits Momma ive been doing nothing else !! Just don't use conditioner on your scalp ! Start conditioner around the bottom of your ear length and down

JustinJr’s M 1 like

Christie Marie it will Work as long as you don't put any conditioner on your scalp ! I lost hair with my autoimmune disease years ago and it never grew back . After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in hair oils, pills, shampoos I gave up . Then a friend begged me to try this . Now this is all I use PERIOD !

JustinJr’s M 0 likes

Erin W it will dry it out because its detoxifying your scalp , give it a month and your body will regulate it . Also you can add a bit of coconut oil after a shower 🚿

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