We live in central Florida and go to Disney World a lot since we have annual passes. I have the original baby björn carrier but it's so hard on my back. Can someone recommend a baby carrier that's easier on mommas back?

Brittney C 2 likes

The slings or wraps work very nice we used one with our daughter until she was 50 pounds.

Melissa C 1 like

I use an Ergo. It's pretty comfortable.

M K 1 like

The Moby or CuddlyWrap are great though can get pretty hot. I've heard good things about the Maya Wrap and the Ring Sling. Hope you find one that works for you!

Amy W 0 likes

I'm looking at ergo 360! He likes to be carried forward facing when he's not asleep but inward for naps.

Amy W 0 likes

Does anyone know if the ergo performance has a forward facing option?

Aprilbaby 1 like

I have an ergo and love it. We live in jacksonville and have annual passes to Disney as well. Just went 2 weeks ago. Little man loved the ergo and it didn't bother my back. I'm petite and my LO is definitely not at 97% weight and 99% height for a 4 month old. If it was going to hurt my back I would think it would have.

Meg C 2 likes

I found the Infantimo Mei tei sash to be very comfortable. You can front, hip or back carry with it (depending on baby's age.) and it is much cheaper then most carriers (like $30 at Target.)

Samantha J 0 likes

I agree with Meg, I have one of those too! Wonderful and stylish. ☺️👏

Amy W 0 likes

Which ergo do you have? @Gwen

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I just have the ergo original. Love it.

Sarina W 0 likes

Ergo, ergo360, Tula, Lillebaby, kinderpack. How big is your babe? My LO is 23lbs and I use a Tula or ergo for back carries. Love them.

Amy W 0 likes

He's 8 months and 23 lbs and likes to forward face when he's not napping

Sarina W 0 likes

@Amy the performance doesn't have forward only the ergo360 and they recommend for only 15min at a time. I just do a high back carry so LO can see over my shoulder.

Amy W 0 likes

So I was thinking ergo 360 but it's very pricey so need some good opinions!

BoyMom 1 like

The ergo 360 is the only one with the forward facing option. I love mine!!

Amy W 0 likes

My cousin recommended doing the back carry. I'm gonna try it out!

Caroline W 1 like

Boba 4G. The Lillebaby has a lumbar support pad. I am pretty small and I found the carrier too bulky, but very comfortable.

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