We have a 5 hour road trip planned at Christmas. My daughter will almost be 7 months. She is bottle fed formula. Anyone have suggestions on how to heat/keep her bottles warm? She will need anywhere from 1-3 bottles. I've looked at bottle warmers that work off cigarette plugins in cars but the reviews aren't great. Most of the trip is a pretty secluded stretch so stopping somewhere to heat the bottle is out of the question.

Ariana Z 0 likes

You can start training your baby now to have room temperature bottles my bbg had room temperature since 6 months and it made life so much easier

Amber S 0 likes

I've got the plug in one and it's slow to heat up but if you know baby will be hungry just heat it up sooner. Works for us.

Michaela R 1 like

When I travel I make my first bottle and heat it hotter than normal so it's ready and cooked when baby is ready for that first bottle. And then I always heat water by itself in a large bottle. I make sure it gets super hot, almost boiling before I put it in the bottle(no formula). And wrap it in a towel in a closed bag or cooler to keep it warm. It will be cool enough by the time baby needs another bottle. Add formula to bottles as needed for a pre-measured container.

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If you know roughly what times she'll be eating, just let the bottle come to room temp before giving it to her. (As Id imagine you'll have them in a cooler?!) or, if you use a powder formula, just put water in a bottle and when needed, add the powder. The bottles don't have to be warm, room temp is just as good! Good luck !

Jessica F 1 like

We have a bottle warmer that works from a cig lighter and I like it but I have also put hot water in a large thermos and put a bottle in there. Or just fill up a thermos with warm water and use it for mixing!

Linsi M 1 like

I would just make them all room temp. Pre-make bottles of water & add powder as you need them. With the heat on in your car (especially if you have the heat aimed at the floor on) you shouldn't need to warm it at all ๐Ÿ˜Š. Happy traveling!

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That's one reason I like that I got my son used to room temp. I've heard a lot of bad things about the plug in warmers. Maybe try a couple thermos of hot water and when you stop to use the bathroom or anything see if it's possible to fill them again.

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I have one of the bottle warmers that is powered by the cigarette lighter. I love it. It only takes a few minutes to heat the bottle. I also have the formula that you can buy premixed in sealed bottles. You just put a baby bottle cap with nipple on the formula bottle and it's ready to go.

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My sons diaper bag has a bottle insulator in it so I warm the bottles up a little warmer than they should be so they'll stay warm for a few hours.

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I'm glad my son isn't picky at all. He can have a bottle that is room temp or warmed up. Good luck I'm sure it'll be just fine :)

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Why not go to radio shack and just buy an adapter so you can plug you household warmer in, in the car. They are cheaper than new warmer and can be used to plug in anything that uses regular wall outlet so definitely get money out of it in the future as well. I got one for $20

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I use too fill the bottles with water then I would just leave it for the whole day and night. It would be room temp. Fill a water bottle up leave it out then when your on your road trip it would be warm

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I have a safety first one and it works great just not fast so just put it in a while before baby will be due to feed

Amanda C 1 like

Tommee Tippee makes a travel bottle warmer. It's basically a thermos that holds hot water with a full size cover that you use to pour the water in and warm bottle. Good luck whatever you choose!

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I too have the tommee tippee thermos. I boil water before heading out and it stays steaming hot all day!! You should have no issues with a 5 hr car ride

Mama D 1 like

Maybe take a thermos filled with hot water and a bucket or Pail to put it in so it won't make a mess in the vehicle to warm up the bottles ? I've personally never taken a long trip with my LO but that would be my best guess as to what to do. Good luck and stay safe on your trip :)

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Thanks everyone. I never thought of using a thermos for hot water lol. When my daughter started on formula at 4 months she would eat it room temperature. But grandma didn't like that and would warm her bottles up and now she won't eat unless it's warm. Lol. We took this trip at 3 months and it was much easier breastfeeding. This is why I hate formula so much lol. The next time we take this trip she'll hopefully be off bottles.

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Anytime I go somewhere where warm water isn't easily accessible I've brought a thermos and a plastic cup. Works great and no need to wait for nearest stop. Good luck enjoy your trip.

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