we are wanting to switch babysitters and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to tell the current sitter that we are going to a new sitter. she is a friend of the family, but she just has too many kids and we know he'll get more attention at the new sitter's. anyone gone through this?

Lauren P 3 likes

Just tell her you won't be needing a babysitter anymore. If she wants you to go into detail just say a family member is going to do it for free.. 😊

Crystal Q 4 likes

I would just be honest with her, let her know it's nothing against her you guys would just rather have a sitter who can give more individualized attention to your LO

J B 4 likes

Just be truthful, but do it in the nicest way possible. If she's a family friend you want to keep a good relationship with her.

Caitlin V 2 likes

Give her two weeks notice since that's the professional standard. But if she asks why you're leaving, be honest. If she's a family friend, she will find out anyway. Just say you guys feel like your LO needs a little more one-on-one attention or a smaller class. She will know what you mean without it being offensive.

Sam R 1 like

Lol I honestly would lie to her. I would tell her my job is changing and I'll be home at that time. Or my husband will be home. Or I'm moving 😜 But I like the other ladies idea too. Being honest is always good.

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