We are trying to transition our 4.5 month old from co sleeping in our bed to sleeping in her crib next to our bed.. Any suggestions? She wakes up about every hour crying and I'm exhausted. I've slept on her sheet a few nights so it smells like me but that doesn't seem to help anything.. I don't believe in the cry it out method but any other suggestions I will gladly take! :)

Sophia G 1 like

Swaddle her.

Lucy M 2 likes

Following! I'm doing the same thing right now. She's hated being swaddled since 2 weeks :/

EL . 2 likes

I know you don't believe in CIO , but that's the only thing that helped us and took about week or so. She is 10 months now and been sleeping her crib day and night since then and sleeps on her own !

K U 0 likes

My LO hates being swaddled too :/

Proud M 1 like

We put my son in his own room. It was a miracle! He slept through the night! I had to get a camera monitor since I was so anxious. But it worked like a charm.

Kenzie 1 like

following I'm in the same exact position lol

K U 1 like

Glad I'm not the only one in this position.. I would have have her cosleep w me for much longer but I know my hubs is ready to have our bed back

Kayla H 1 like

When is it too much crying when they CIO? I don't want to make my LO sick from crying. His nana spoils him by holding him to sleep. So he has to feel like he is in someone's arms to be able to fall asleep. Is CIO the only option? My LO is a Houdini when swaddled.

Kaitlin C 1 like

Look into the Ferber method. It trains baby how to soothe themselves. It's similar to the cry it out method, but instead of baby just freaking out and being crazy upset, it shows baby that you are always right there and it's ok to fall asleep. It's really a great method.

Sabra K 1 like

I'm trying too every time I put down when he is asleep he wakes up. I'm going to try putting a picture of me where he can see then maybe he won't feel alone

Sabra K 0 likes

What's the Ferber method

Z G 1 like

I wasn't really for her to go to her crib but daddy was tired of sleeping in the living room so he came back to our bed so the baby had to go to her crib but I took the front part of the crib off and pushed to the wall and my bed to her crib and it was like having her in my bed

Tiffany F 1 like

I would think it would be hard for them being in the room with you were they can see you there. I think it's better to move them into a separate room once you decide to transition to a crib. It will take a week or so for them to get used to it but should be fine after that.

Sophia G 1 like

You don't have to let her cry for hours. Let her cry for 10 minutes. If she's tired she'll fall asleep. If she keeps crying go in and touch her face. Sing to her. Rock her. And let her fall asleep m in your arms then put her back. It helps to feel less tired if you do this before your ready for bed. Also , try a bouncer or swing first. My lo only sleeping on an incline and swaddled.

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