Any moms out there have any successful ways to naturally induce labor?? HELP!

Mich I 1 like

Nope! I tried them all nothin worked!! Just be patient!

Megan C 0 likes

I shoveled snow and it brought on my labor 2weeks early. But if there isn't any snow around you...just walk...lots and lots of walking. Good luck😄

Keri V 3 likes

Sex. The dreaded word when 9 months pregnant. Good luck!

Dani T 1 like

Walk A LOT, dance, squat, drink labor tea with cinnamon sticks in it, visualize your body contracting and dilating, and get plenty of rest. I did all the above on 8/3 but didn't rest. Went to the hospital and was 3.5 inch dilated but my body stopped, so they sent me home to sleep. 8/5, I repeated everything all day and made sure I rested and took a soothing bath. When I got to the hospital at 9 pm I was almost 7 inches dilated and fully effaced. Had baby boy at 1:11 am on 8/5.

A V 1 like

Walking lots worked for me with my 3rd.

Hannah M 0 likes

Clean like clean the hell out of everything!! Walk!!! Walk everywhere!!!! And eat spicy mac n cheese!!! Thats what i did and i had my son 3 hours before my due date

Dani T 0 likes

I also drank a smoothie with papaya, mango, kiwi, grapefruit and lemon in it. These fruit supposedly help encourage labor. I wasn't due to have my son until 8/16, had him 8/5. I decided to try to encourage/induce labor myself because I wasn't feeling good and felt as though I needed to have my son ASAP. Come to find out the day after I delivered, my lab results came back and revealed I was having an allergic reaction to my sons testosterone and my midwife would have had to induce me herself.

Brandis G 1 like

Have someone rub your feet! I had my family take turns rubbing my feet for an hour straight and went into labor 2 weeks early with my 4th baby! Thank goodness cause she was already 8 lbs!

Em A 0 likes

Walking and sex!!! FYI sex will cause contractions shortly after. I went to the hospital twice because before I actually went into labor a couple days later. But it will speed it up.

Katelyn D 0 likes

I tried everything and just caused my self sickness, pain, and exhaustion. I litterally did everything from syrups to squats.

Monica G 1 like

Castor oil

Alisha L 0 likes

I have tried the dreaded sex twice today. My baby is already weighing 8lbs9oz (as of last week) I'm almost 39 weeks. He's killing me and my 5ft frame. I'm bouncing away on a ball right now 😔

Vanessa T 0 likes

Sex... Worked for me. I also heard walking helps.. Good luck ;)

Kristina F 0 likes

Treat yourself to a massage!

Jenn W 1 like

I tried pumping when I was overdue with #2. Went into labor the next day. No idea if it was a coincidence but if you have a pump give it a try. 5 min on 10 min off 5 min on for a little while. Also gets your nipples toughened up!

Michelle L 0 likes

I heard that pumping works I'm going to try it this time if I'm over due

Lucille M 0 likes

Stimulate the nipples. I did it before I went to bed for a few mins and felt silly so I stopped, that same night my water broke and 11hrs later, my little Kaiju was born. He was exactly 1 week early. Could be a coincidence but trying it wouldn't hurt :)

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Emily C 1 like

I drank red raspberry leaf tea. Next day my water broke. Don't know if it's coincidence, an old wives tale, or it really just worked! Try it!

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Rachel R 0 likes

Walk!!! I walked every night for a few days before my due date, the last walk was around my block twice and the next morning at 6am I went into labor.

Danielle H 0 likes

Sex worked for me

Jan C 0 likes

Bouncing on an exercise ball! My contractions started while driving on a bumpy gravel road.

Tere M 0 likes

Walking, yoga ball, spicy food, SEX, time, patience.

Teresa T 0 likes

Walk and sex!!

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