Ways to induce labor ? I really cannot handle this anymore. I'm 38 weeks

Karmen D 1 like

To be honest I tried everything you could possibly think of and nothing worked.

Terri A 0 likes

I tried everything.. And when I stopped trying that is when I went into labor.. I was 39 weeks..

Sam D 1 like

I haven't tired anything yet. I'm just so huge it's crazy I've never ever been this big and it honestly hurts every part of my body

Lindsey H 1 like

Chiropractic work I had my baby within 48 hrs of seeing mine

Mad C 1 like

Eating eggplant, walking a lot... Sex.

Momma To T 1 like

lol, my water broke like 2 hrs after eating a KFC poutine! I was 35weeks 6 days. Maybe I figured it out!! Lol

Eva H 2 likes

Heating pad on your lower back sacral area, helped me! Especially when dilating!

Christie C 1 like

Having sec in certain positions and having your partner play which your nipples stimulates the natural toxin in your body I forget what it is actually called but it is said to help, also walking can increase your contractions after u start, there are a bunch of crazy things u can actually try, but my mother delivers babies and the nipple thing is number 1 on her list

Maryann D 0 likes

Acupressure points, walking, and I had really spicy wings and went into labor at 38 weeks

Vanessa W 2 likes

Walk!!! Just Dont. Stop. Walking lol

Dawn L 2 likes

Walking. And I also think sex can help too! Good luck.

Cynthia B 1 like

I walked a lot which had helped my labour and to be honest had lots of sex a mans Sperm helps to induce but the baby will come she/he is ready

Desiree F 1 like

Acupuncture is effective and safe. It'll only work when baby's truly ready :)

Ara R 1 like


Priscilla M 1 like

Sex helps a lot! But take long walks. My doctor advice me to take castor oil poop everything out but it suppose to induce the labor just mix it up with orange juice once I did the next day my water broke lol I was so happy!

Laura W 1 like

Do not take castor oil, you will regret it, especially if you plan to have people in the room during your delivery. It relaxes the bowels ( yes it can contractions but that is a side effect to relaxing the bowels) Your lo will come when he/ she is ready.

Joanne P 1 like

My first son came two weeks early and second child came 6 days early. I did everything by the book with both pregnancy and it's so happens they decided to Come out when they are ready...

Lindsay G 1 like

You got this mom!! Just don't think about it

Sam D 0 likes

I'm just have my fingers crossed that I get the call to go in soon. I'm high risk and my ob has sent in induction papers. I'm juSt so uncomfortable and my epilepsy is unstable

Eva H 0 likes

I forgot to mention acupuncture too!

Alice W 0 likes

Babies come when their ready. Try not to rush it as every minute plays into their development. Being pregnant is hard but it's also so beautiful. After ur baby gets older u will miss being preggo! Sounds silly but I miss it cus they grow so fast. Cherish every moment cus u only get it one time.

ᑎᗩTᕼᗩᑎ'ᔕ 0 likes

I gained 52 pounds total & 47 of it was during the last month & 1/2, so I was miserable! I couldn't stand up without falling forward b/c the weight was all in my belly & boobs! I didn't try anything, probably b/c it was an ordeal just to get out of bed! I've always heard, from basically everyone, that sex is the best (of the safe/natural ways). My son was born 2 days late & the lack of sex may have been a contributing factor. It's not easy to have sex when you're single & VERY pregnant lol ;)

Mary T 0 likes

Orange juice and castor oil. Equal parts. Must drink together or else you'll just poop. After drinking massage the heel and ankle of each foot until you get steady contractions. This is the only thing that worked for me and I tried everything.

Stephanie V 0 likes

Walk and eat spicy foods. I did both the day before I went into labor.

Ana S 0 likes

Absolutely nothing worked for me, even when I got induced it took forever to start contractions, he clearly didn't want to leave the house (me) :)

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