Was there always such a fuss over breastfeeding in public or do I just notice it now as a first time mom?

Shirley B 0 likes

People have been complaining over they for years

Nemesis W 0 likes

Your just noticing now dear...! Ppl always talk smack honestly I never gave a damn and took my tits out lol my baby's hungry and I had to feed her if it bothers u don't freaking look...! ☺️ that was me so I think u might wanna ignore ppl who are just ignorant

Nicole N 1 like

I bf my dd untill 4&1/2 mo, but i've never bf her in public, not because i was ashamed, but because i didn't want her to get distracted.

Dairilyn S 1 like

Omg yes!!! I think it's always been there but it has grown now that there's more awareness towards it because I've seen more groups supporting it. But It's horrible I was at the store recently breastfeeding my baby I was covered and everything so it's not like i had my breast out for the world to see but the looks I got was exactly as if I did and some lady kept bumping into my shoulder as if to move my baby off.


Don't have a problem with bf in public but I use to be modest about it. Saw a women Bf in public with her shirt down to her belly button. I felt like she was flaunting her boob and baby around waiting for someone to say something. 😒😒

Sarah S 1 like

It seems to be more of a controversy now then with my first LO in 2010 but I don't know if that is because the media is going crazy about it or it is actually more of a debate now. I personally only nurse in public with a cover for my own comfort, but if she has to eat and I don't have a cover then I just do it. I think it is such a silly debate since if your baby is on you see less breast than in a bikini.

Lisa P 0 likes

I felt the same way for the first few months. I think it was more of my discomfort at first, i thought everyone was staring all the time, but i git more comfortable with it over time and stopped caring about other people, just focused on my LO:)

Rachel B 0 likes

I've wondered the same thing. I will never understand why some people are uncomfortable with woman breast feeding in public. It makes me angry! When I was breast feeding my DD I always covered up. But, there were a few times that DD was really hungry & fussing, so I didn't worry about covering up until after she was latched on. I was focused on my DD so I didn't notice if anyone was watching me. I didn't care if it made anyone uncomfortable.

Tanesha F 0 likes

Right?! I feel the same way. I guess I was just oblivious to the big fuss about it until I became a breast feeding mom.

Lacey Q 0 likes

I took my shirt off when I was at home but in public I always used a cover. I was actually praised by 2 women.

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