Views on circumcising? In another group I am apart of someone started a thread and I am curious what your ladies views were. My son is not circumcised and I personally believe it's a cruel and unnecessary procedure.

Ashley D 2 likes

My boyfriend isn't and wishes he was. He keeps it very clean an still has issues with uti's and infection :/ he hates it

Ashley B 3 likes

It's completely up to you but I believe it allows them to keep a cleaner, less infected penis when they are older. My cousin wasn't circumcised and got an infection around 3 years old. He then had to get circumcised then, which is much more painful.

Chelsea A 3 likes

Sorry to hear that Ashley! The main reason I started to research and really look into circumcision is because my fiancé is not circumcised and neither are the men in his family. He has not had any issues with it.

Z's MOM❤️ 1 like Watch this videos I hope it helps

Michelle T 3 likes

I am a pediatric RN and have assisted with A LOT of circs. I can tell you that the area is numbed well before the procedure, there is not usually much blood, and the babies deal with post-op discomfort well. It takes about a week to heal and even less for any bleeding to subside. I would definitely circ my boy if I have one.

Tat T 3 likes

Well if I had a son I would have him circumcised while he's younger rather than for him to wait. But it's honestly up to the mother and what she thinks is best.

Launa A 4 likes

I got my sons done to prevent infections and he honestly did great during the procedure and healing process. I don't regret it one bit. I've known someone to get it when he was in his 20's and he was miserable for weeks after the procedure. So in my opinion it's better to go ahead and get it over with when they're a baby and will never remember the pain that lasted a little bit instead of having issues later on and having to get it done.

Flower U 3 likes

My two boy are not, i believed thats painful. Plus too young to be suffering.

Katy A 4 likes

I'm very much against circumcision. My husband isn't and has never had a problem and our son isn't either. The reason intact penises have a bad rep is because their personal care is severely misunderstood. I have to lecture people not to pull the foreskin back to clean- the penis will do that naturally!!! God made the penis with foreskin for a reason. Leave it there!

Mei L 2 likes

My understanding is that the U.S. Is one of the few western countries that circumcises. I let my husband make the decision on that one since I didn't have a strong argument for or against it! Of course it's totally up to the parents if done when LO is young.

Rachel S 2 likes

My husband is not circumcised, but when we had our son he made the decision to have our son circumcised. He said it's just less of a hassle. Some people don't do it for religious reasons.

Chelsea A 0 likes

I think it really depends on how that person takes care of the area. Like I stated before, my fiancé and the men on his side have not had any issues at all with it. I also want to throw out there that I respect every single one of yours decisions and views.

Stacey S 4 likes

If I had a son, I would have him circumcised. Only because I would not want any problems of infection at any point in his life and having it done as a baby he would never remember it but if he ever wanted to have the procedure done as an adult would probably be traumatizing for any man. My daughters father is not circumcised and as far as I know he has not has any issues with infection, but that is not the case for everyone.

Chelsea A 0 likes

I have a friend who is now a nurse and she has assisted many circumcisions and said it is the most terrible procedure. I just couldn't.

Katy A 1 like

Men used to be circumcised to decrease their sexual pleasure just like female genitalia mutilation. Just a little history on the reason circumcising became popular in the US. I would never do it to my son but each mom must make the decision for their own child. No judgment whatsoever. It's a painful procedure but I am not one of those ladies who believes it scars you for life. But please, inform yourself before you talk about intact penises and infections!! It's all about proper care.

Erin B 2 likes

Both my boys were! But yes totally up to the parents 😄

Lauren M 1 like

My son will be circumcised. It prevents infection and uti's. Yeah it's a painful procedure but I'd rather have it done now and get it over with. That's my opinion, to each their own.

Katy A 2 likes

In the US there is not enough information available on how to care for an intact penis because it is the "norm" to get circumcised. That is not the case in other countries at all.

Happy Mama O 1 like

My 2 sons are circumcised, and my husband. They have never had uti or infection. I do strongly believe that it is a necessary procedure for health. And i dont think that it is cruel, my sons have never suffered from it. It is up to you.

Katy A 1 like Please read this if you believe that an intact penis is more prone to infection. Seriously guys, it just isn't true. But I am not judging you, so don't judge me.

Erin B 1 like

My son only cried for a second. Like his shots. And it didn't seem to bother him after that. But like I said totally up to the parents!!

Chelsea A 2 likes

I wanted to throw out some risks of. Being circumcised since people are only throwing out risks of not being circumcised. During the procedure the foreskin might be cut too short or too long, the foreskin can fail to heal properly, the renaming foreskin might reattach to the end of the penis requiring more surgical repair, meatitis, urinary retention, amputation of the glands, death. This is only a short list of risks.

Jordan C 2 likes

Completely against it. Babies are born with the foreskin for a reason. I could never put my newborn through that pain for a cosmetic surgery that has no benefits. It's not your body to alter. No medical organization in the world recommends infant circumcision. 117 baby boys die every year in the United States due to circumcision. It's barbaric and I can't believe it's something that's still legal. My advice, do your research ladies and not just listen to whack doctors that just want your money.

Kylie B 1 like

Circumcision protects from a lot of infections and not being circumcised can cause a lot of problems later. My son was circumcised at 5 months Bc clamps were too small to do after birth and the urologist said it was good thing went ahead and did it as his foreskin was to tight and would have caused a lot of problems later.

Lydia N 1 like

My son isn't he is only 4 1/2 months no problems so far. I agree that got made it the way it is for a reason and my dad isn't either and he hasn't had any problems

Becky M 1 like

We had our son circumcised because my husband is and i have done a lot of research about it. They say a good thing to do is whatever the father has. It is totally up to the parents.

Katy A 1 like

Sigh. You know what else prevents infections? Knowledge, bro. Just like condoms prevent HIV. It's true. *edited to add... I'm not saying you're dumb, any of you. I'm just saying that knowledge about proper care for an intact penis reduces the risk of infection just like knowledge about proper care for a circumcised penis reduces the risk of infection. It's just that one type of knowledge is way more readily given out in the US and that's sad.

Karrine D 1 like

It's up to you. He can always have it removed later if he really wants to. I don't know a lot about foreskin (I've never seen an uncircumcised male until I had my baby!) but I hear it's a lot of work to clean. So if you're willing to do that extra step when changing diapers than I don't see any harm in him keeping it if you chose.

Katy A 2 likes

Karrine it's the same amount of care. An intact penis should not be pulled back to clean. You just take care of It the same exact way you would a circumcised penis.

Lindsay E 1 like

I let my Husband decide if we were going to circumcise our son. He is and decided to for our son as a buddy of his had to get it done at 18 y/o and said was the worst pain every. My son had it done at 3 days old and he did so good, never really fussed afterwards.

Jordan C 1 like

Why couldn't you just let your son decide Lindsay? It's not your husbands penis to decide wether or not to cut a healthy part of. So your husband knows someone who had to have it done later in life? Big deal, I know someone who lost there two week old son from circumcision because he bled to death from a completely cosmetic surgery that serves no purpose.

Chelsea A 1 like

Yes you do not pull back the skin the skin will come back on it's own. There is no "extra work" changing a diaper. You wash up and clean the area just like a circumcised penis.

Chelsea A 1 like

My SO told me when he was young he always remembers his father telling him to wash it and keep it clean and his father educated about it. As long as you're cleaning the penis just like you would a circumcised penis infections should not be an issue.

Jordan C 2 likes

Your sons have a greater chance of dying during circumcision than he has of ever actually needing one.

Ashley B 2 likes

My family is Jewish so we had our son circumcised. It's part of our religion.

Erin B 3 likes

I never realized this was a touchy subject until now. I mean if you do or don't is doesn't affect anyone else ya know? Your boy is still a boy and will grow In to a man😄

Melanie L 2 likes

SO is but we chose not to for baby. We felt it unnecessary. He came that way and that's the way he was meant to be. I personally feel that teaching the importance of good personal hygiene is not a bad thing.

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