Venting: my dad was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder But he is refusing medication. And he has been Driving my mom, siblings and I crazy! Why can't He just take his medicine !! I'm Tired of always worrying About him or my mom safety! 😩😩😩😩😩. Worring is taking my Focus away from my kids. And that’s not fair to them.

Mel Marie 2 likes

Try a different Approach to him so it's Not like β€œyou're Bipolar take your meds!” This is probably New for him too and he's Probably Feeling a certain way

Hi T 1 like

Bipolar meds can be hard on the body with their side effects. Has he said why he won't take them?.

Mommy Of 2 M 0 likes

Mel Marie yes we told him the meds will make him feel better we never used the word bipolar.

Mommy Of 2 M 0 likes

Hi There enjoy Doesn't See anything wrong with what he is doing and saying. He tellscuse he doesn't Need it. 😏

Nikki M 0 likes

Can you sneak it in his food or drink?

Mommy Of 2 M 0 likes

Nikki M he has the pills . He carries it with him to make sure we don't Get it.

Nikki M 0 likes

Mommy Of 2 Monkeys :) when He's Sleeping ?

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