Venting moment! I really wish family would understand your son's sleeping schedule. They think "oh if he misses a nap, he'll sleep better at night". How about no, he is just more cranky and he'll be asleep earlier also being awake earlier. I wish they would respect me as the mom knowing my son's sleep schedule and knowing he's tired over being told otherwise.

Isabella's Momma 2 likes

I know how u feel soooooo frustrating! I take my lo into the room and feed her and put her to sleep when people come over so she stays on her schedule

Jessica T 1 like

Same here!! My fam says that he "needs to learn to sleep everywhere" and that I should not be so "strict" when it comes to when and where he naps. He likes HIS room. And I don't like to drag a fussy baby around. Excuuuuuse me! Lol!! Good luck, momma!

Krista M 1 like

Oh my gosh I know! And they don't understand that you are fine making that sacrifice so your baby is well rested

JooLin R 1 like

I would protect naps at all cost! It's so important for little ones to have their rest and for their development. You have that right as their mother.

A E 1 like

Thanks for the support mommas. Even right now at dinner they keep telling me to bring him down to his swing so I can eat. It's like no, he hasn't napped in 4 hours and you want me to bring him down to a noisy, bright environment. I just said let me do my thing. I'm the mom and I know what my child needs.

Isabella's Momma 1 like

It's funny bc my lo will nap when we r out and it's noisy and she will nap when we r home ( we r not that loud at home) but the second people r loud where they "shouldn't" be like our home she's WIDE awake, and our guests will say "well she sleeps when ur outside, she should be fine" ughhhh so annoying!

A E 2 likes

Alina my thoughts exactly! So glad I have mommas understand my struggles.

K P 1 like

Amen!!!! I hear you 100%๐Ÿ˜’

Proud M 1 like

Same mama

Sara A 3 likes

OMG I'm glad you posted that and so many agree. Haha my family thinks I'm just a control freak. Just because they had little kids once doesn't mean they have a right to so openly voice their opinion about my choices with my kids. They're not the ones that have to deal with the LO being cranky from missing naps!!!

Isabella's Momma 1 like

It's even worse when they tell u "aww they aren't tired, see they r just fine don't make them take a nap" lol

Margaret S 1 like

Amen sister!! I SOOOOO hear you on this!!!!!

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