Hey moms! I want to do a gender reveal event/party for my second baby. So I was wondering if any of you have gender reveal ideas that are fun and affordable?!

Michelle 1 like

You should have a cake that's blue or pink inside when you cut it

Kara M 1 like

My SIL had 2 boxes that were wrapped and her and her husband each punched through one at the same time. There were pink balloons and stuff in one of the boxes that they threw into the crowd. A friend of mine had 2 little trees, one with blue lights and one with pink lights. They did a countdown and turned one set of lights off when done. Also you could do colored confetti in balloons and have people pop balloons at the same time.

Mommy Life A 1 like

I had a pink and blue balloon and had my nurse poke a hole in which ever color I was not having and then my SO and I blew them up to see what we were having in front of everyone!! It deflated slow but you get the gist pretty fast lol it was a lot of fun! Check out Pinterest they have a bunch of great ideas!

Andrea K 1 like

I had a moving box that I covered with pink and blue stripes and then had one of my friends fill the box with the correct colored balloons and we opened the box and the balloons flew out. It made pictures really pretty. :)

Alison P 1 like

Baked a two layer cake. Cut the center out and filled with pink mnm's after it cooled and they spilled out when we cut it!

Sarah D 1 like

I had a friend make our blue/pink cake as a gift for us :)

Shani R 1 like

I made little lotto scratch offs! Print them off the computer on normal paper with a pink bow or something that shows gender and then place tape over what you don't want people to see then mix metallic paint with some dish soap and paint over the tape and let dry! It'll then scratch off easily and it gets everyone involved!

C L 1 like

Get the results, and have someone who fills balloons put pink or blue confetti in them and when it's time to reveal pop one open.

Amanda M 1 like

We had a cake to reveal. It was a round white cake with pink and blue on it and it had written on the top "We're Here For The Sex!" Hahah. My friend just decorated everything pink and blue.

Kasey P 1 like

We had cupcakes, filled with icing of the gender color. My SO and I found out at the same time as our guests - we had the ultrasound tech write down the gender and seal it on an envelope, then took that to the bakery :) I cried!

Liani M 2 likes

We got silly string from the dollar store and covered up the labels. Was a whole lot of fun.

Amy S 1 like

My friend is doing a piñata. I hadn't heard of that idea. Think she's getting the candies that are wrapped saying it's a boy or it's a girl.

B H 0 likes

Check Pinterest there's so many cool ideas on it!

Sarah A 0 likes


Michaela A 1 like

I had party city fill up a black balloon with the certain color paint. My boyfriend and I shot our guns at it. And paint went everywhere! Everyone loved it!

Christi 0 likes

Agree, pintrest has amazing ideas!

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