Under my sons neck he has a bad rash. He's 5 months old and teething. He likes to take the frozen thee thing rings and set them on the rash. He doesn't like anyone touching it, or even trying to lift his neck up to look at it. When it's reall sore he lets me put a wet rag on it. My pediatrician said to leave it alone, that it will go away on its own. But he's had if for 2 months now. Is there anything I can put on it?

Lauren . 0 likes

Try to keep it dry

Charisse R 0 likes

Wet rags will make it worst! That kinds of rash needs to stay as dry as possible. Get a fragrance free baby powder.. Apply as needed,. If it's starting to get sore/legion looking, you may need antibiotics. If the doc is saying leave it alone, then leave it. But from my experience (3 LOs), DRY, DRY, DRY!!

Priscilla A 3 likes

Try diaper rash cream or baby powder I'm surprised his doctor has not giving you any advice now it's been 2 months with it I would mention it does hurt baby with him. Also try not to put on shirts that touch that area and rub on it. Also try not washing it with a rag again the rubbing irritates it more just pour water on it during bath time and skip soap on that area .

Kayla 0 likes

I know someone that their baby had a rash from milk and such getting there. Keep it dry and she put Desitin on it. She said it helped clear it up. I don't have any personal experience with it though. Hope it gets better!

Cricket G 0 likes

I used diaper rash cream & it worked. Not sure if its recommended but it worked for my little one for his neck rash. On organic note you can bathe him in oatmeal soaked water it tends to soothe the rash.

Sam G 0 likes

I had that same problem with my little guy. Red with a funky smell. Wash it with an antibacterial soap, safeguard bar soap is awesome for this. Dry it with a blow dryer on the cool setting. You can put 1% hydrocortisone ointment on it after it's dry. Me pedi prescribed mupirocen. It is an antibiotic ointment. Cleared it up quick. Keeping it clean and dry will help a ton.

Alicia P 1 like

This happens to my LO all the time. She's teething so she's always drooling and it gets in her neck crease. I give her a bath every other night and wash it. Then I make sure it's completely dry and put baby powder on it.

Codie-Ann B 1 like

Deep it clean and dry. It could be a bit of a yeast infection. Coconut oil would help.

A M 0 likes

I second the baby powder. Keep it nice and dry. My daughter always tends to get rashes. Not once has diaper rash cream helped us either (her skin is sensitive) but baby powder works like a charm.

Lauren T 2 likes

Baby powder to keep it dry

Skylar K 0 likes

Keep it dry clean it then put baby powder on it or if that doesn't seem to help try aquaphor or hydrocortisone cream

Melanie K 0 likes

My LO got that a few times and it gets stinky. After bath, dry it good. I used aquaphor and it went away or baby powder. Both helped

Kassandra B 1 like

Baby powder, it will soak up the moisture, and help relieve the pain

Isabella M 0 likes

We had the same problem. We used Butt Paste. :)

katherine m 0 likes

put cream of aveeno for babies its called Ezcema my son had tat and tat lotion made mircales it took of the rash 😊 hope it helps

Ariel A 0 likes

I had that same problem with my daughter, I would wash it and put renew lotion on it and tried butt paste and that didn't work either. I complained enough that they finally looked looked at it and knew that I had tried everything and said that it was most likely a yeasty problem from when they drink milk, if it runs down their face and gets in the crease it builds yeast in there and causes the infection. Worth a try to look into it! I hope this helps!

Ashley D 0 likes

When my son started getting a rash under his neck from all the build up of slobber, milk n spit up I just wash it real good n would run a little bit of coconut oil on it. Clearsd up in 2-3 days

JVP 0 likes

Baby powder and I give mine lots of tummy time that way she's picking up her head and her neck stays dry!

Acacia W 0 likes

It's probably yeast infection keep it clean n dry don't put anythin on it. Buttwipes n a dry towel of some kind pat dry don't wipe it hurts them worse good luck!

Linsi M 0 likes

One of my daughters got like that occasionally. The pediatrician just told me to wash & dry it & put a thin layer of hydrocortisone on it.

Chelsey H 0 likes

Both my LOs got this - yeast infection. Take to dr for a prescription cream, will clear it right up.

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