Trying to conceive our 3rd. My boys are now 3 and 5. They’ll Be 4 and 6 in March. Hoping to get pregnant Soon because I don’t want such a huge age gap between them. I've Never gotten the ovulation test kits but I'm Considering Trying it out. Anyone have luck with it? What can you advise

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I used them one mo before my first, and it drove me crazy lol, so then i just let it happen and it only took 3mo for first and one month for the second. Just have sex every 2 days and hold your legs up for 10min after.

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I got the premom ones and the app was amazing At keeping track but I actually was pregnant When I started the test so my numbers were “off” but they're Cheap and work well I'd Recommend Those

Mallory F 1 like

Got the cheap ones on amazon and they were okay. I did end up conceiving our 2nd but I think the trick was really the supplements I was taking! See below. I think they are a miracle worker. Conceived 2nd abd 3rd while taking them!

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