Trying to conceive! No luck using fertility tracking. Any tips??

Laura W 1 like

Ovulation kits. Up and up target brand. The dip stick kind. No need to spend a lot on the pregnancy test kind.

Christine 0 likes

Check out: That website really helped me understand so much about hormones and fertility. After 7 years and countless trips to the endocrinologist I finally conceived my son, naturally. Wishing you lots of luck and hoping you'll soon have a bun in the oven!

Katherine B 1 like

I've found from observing friends of mine that the ones who tracked less and just had fun with their men trying ended up conceiving more quickly. On average it takes 6 months!

Jackie C 1 like

There probably isn't a difference but I bought the Clearblue ovulation monitor. It was a little pricey but after trying for a year I was pregnant in 2 months. I was ovulating way later than I thought. If you have the $ I highly recommend it. Good luck!!!!

Milly E 0 likes

Its normal just like above have fun. Or just to feel better go to the docs office.

N 1 like

Our dr said no more than once a day or even every other day. It takes a day for the pool to fill up with swimmers if you know what I mean.

Amy M 1 like

I agree with both answers so far, but even with the ovulation kits I found it necessary to pay attention to my cervical fluid. It's not on the top of anyone's list of things to do, but it worked. Good luck!

Jennifer M 2 likes

This prob will sound bad but after sex lay on your back and keep your legs in the air. Okay sounds like a joke as I read this to myself but it just helps the swimmers travel. I was not getting pregnant and someone told me this and I got pregnant. May have been a coincidence but can't hurt!

Jessica R 0 likes

My friend has been trying for over a year and discovered she had cysts on her overies so if it's been more than a year Id call a doc. It took us 5 months and I was using a fertility app

SSZ 0 likes

Have sex every other day starting a few days before your fertile. Don't use lube or saliva it kills sperm get preseed or concieve lube on amazon.

Mommy T 0 likes

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for 6 years without anything happening I always thought about it I wanted a baby so bad We didn't try to prevent it but we weren't exactly trying either. We had problems last summer broke up but continued to "see each other" occasionally and bam pregnant I found out the week I moved back in with him. He used to joke that he didn't know if it was his. If the kid didn't look like his twin I think he would have questioned it after 6 years of nothing good luck!

JoAnn G 0 likes

We conceived on the first month we tried. We had sex every single day and continued to do so until my first missed period. Don't stop when you think your fertile period has past for the may be later than you assume. After sex lay with a pillow under your hips and try to lay down for 20 minutes or so.

Kayley H 0 likes

My husband and I had tried before with nothing.. Then we decided it wouldn't be a problem if we did and we were told that I shouldn't pee immediately after to wait.. So I always waited anywhere between 5-20 minutes after before I got up and peed! Got pregnant within a month and a half after getting off birth control!

Stacy 0 likes

Go to the Bronx and drink the water ;) don't worry it'll happen when u least expect it !!!!

Ali S 0 likes

. There is a lot to know. Like are you periods regular? If so, more than likely your ovulating regularly. If they are irregular it's a bit more complicated. How long have you been trying? Testing with opks?

Yuliya L 0 likes

If you are trying for more than a year. Ask your SO check his sperm. Most problems are with guys. I have done IVF. I know quite a bit(

Katarina O 1 like

I was doing the basal body tracking and my luteal phase was too short so I had to get to medication and I got pregnant the next month...

Lakin C 1 like

Sounds silly but don't jump up and use the bathroom after sex. Both times I got pregnant I laid there for a while before moving around or using the restroom.

Jennifer M 0 likes

I'm with Yuliya, and I have also been through IVF a couple of times. I wish we would have checked ourselves out even before we did at a year of trying. So much heartache and worry wondering what to do differently, and it turns out hubby's sperm was no good. Could have been blessed with our twins a year earlier! :-) But that's just me, I'd rather know for sure. Best of luck to you, it's not an easy road!

Rach R 0 likes

Ovulation kit at Target. Or where ever u feel U would like to purchase it. I was so resistant at first because as crazy as it sounds--I felt like it wasn't "natural" if I had to pee daily to know when I was ovulating but setting pride aside I tried it after 3 years of doing everything else (legs in air, get drunk, have sex every other day..etc etc) and I found out I was pregnant shortly after :) best of luck to U!! Don't forget to relax and enjoy! Have sex even if it says U aren't ovulating :)

Katherine T 0 likes

I used the app period diary and it really helped.

Catherine R 0 likes

Just relax, I went crazy for 8 months with tracking and nothing happened. I just had fun and it took 2 months! Good luck!

Mommy And M 0 likes

Good ovulation kit, the kind with the smiley face and mucinex will thin out your cervical mucus making it easier for the sperm to do their thing.

Kristin 0 likes

Start taking pre natal vitamins! ☺️

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