Tomorrow my period supposed to start on cycle day29 and if my period doesn’t come then I will be 1day late and a pregnancy test need to be taken. If my period doesn’t come somewhere on cycle day30 then I need to call my gynecologist to let him know and we can go from there onto why I haven’t started.

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Cindy B asks How is it that I get up all night with our 1 month old and he naps with baby during the day and yet says he's tired? And im the one who doesn't everything through out the day? Am I going crazy?!!

Tiffany P asks How would you know if you're transitioning to whole milk to quickly? Still at half and half right now and haven't really noticed anything too strange. Just stronger smelling poop.

Sammi J asks Please help! My one year old won't stop biting and I don’t know how to stop him! Any suggestions?

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