My daughter has the frizziest hair always looks like I never brush her hair but I do CONSTANTLY . Are the any toddler hair products out there that won't harm her hair and keep her little baby hairs in place . She's 12 months old. Between straight and curly hair

Taylor B 1 like

Whole foods sells a baby hair care line called Mixed Chicks, for frizzy/curly hair

Lauren P 3 likes

You could always try coconut oil :)

Angelique O 0 likes

Use some baby oil or after taking a bath leave the towel with the hood on her head then it will dry straighter! Another suggestion

Jessie A 0 likes

Rub a dryer sheet through her hair. I have really curly frizzy hair and it works.

Carly B 0 likes

I put coconut oil on my LOs hair after her bath! Works great!

Ashley V 1 like

Don't brush it so much, will make it frizzier. When your finished washing it put a spray in detangler and comb it with a wide tooth comb and then let it dry naturally and shouldn't be super frizzy.

Bridget C 0 likes

I'd just use a little coconut oil when her hair is damp. It's natural and has tons of vitamins that may also help her hair grow strong!

Alice W 0 likes

I use a product called its a curl. Its for biracial hair. They sell it online. Its amazing

Perfectly M 0 likes

Try using a soft baby brush instead. My daughter has pretty silky hair until it gets to the very bottom, then it's crazy curls everywhere!!!! It's adorable straight from the bath because they are PERFECT coils of curls. Use a comb when her hair is wet, then kinda fluff it a little. After it's dry gently use a soft bristle brush to comb it down. Then it's beautiful:)

Perfectly M 0 likes

Ps unless this girl is biracial using products for African American hair may cause hers to look a bit greasy. Js. Good luck

Yomi S 0 likes

Thank you Jessie dryer sheet is good and less expensive. If she is biracial, use coconut oil hair texturizer it works wonders

Robyn M 1 like

I have stick straight hair, but I once read that you never brush curly hair because it will frizz out. Try a wide tooth comb?

Jessica C 0 likes

Coconut oil works every time!

Robyn M 0 likes

I like the oil suggestions. Just out a tiny bit on your hands and rub them together, then run your fingers through her hair.

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