To mom who co-sleep at what age did you transition to the crib and what were some of you methods? Thanks in advance

Sara D 0 likes

I would say do it as soon as possible

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

My daughter was 18 months when I put her in her crib .. ( I couldn't take her crazy sleeping anymore lol) I lay in her crib until she falls asleep haha. It works. She stays in her bed all night.

Perfectly M 1 like

My daughter just randomly went to her crib happily at 18 mos. Coslept since day 1 gess she got tired of it haha. U don't have to do it 'ASAP' it isn't as serious as ppl make it sound. I rather let a kid CIO who is 3 and can say I feel I'll or I'm scared etc. Anyway good luck

Berenice N 0 likes

Thanks ladies!!

C M 0 likes

My son was about 8 months. He would sleep in his crib until 1st feeding. At that point he would sleep w me the rest of the night. I did that until recently (at 11 months) I might weaned him bc I was so tired I couldn't do it anymore.

Alicia P 0 likes

I let my LO sleep with me while I was breast feeding. I had to stop at 2 months so once I stopped I transitioned her to her crib. Every parent is different.

C L 0 likes

At four months we transitioned LO into a playard next to our bed, since he wasn't sleeping comfortably with us anymore. :( We travelled home for a visit and got in at about two am and I just stuck him in it to see if he'd go for it (along with my firm pillow) and he slept in it throughout the night (still waking to eat). We just decided to stick with it. It was a long couple of next nights, him getting up every hour or so but I just nursed/rocked him back to sleep. He finally got used to it. :)

Ashley L 0 likes

3 months. We started by napping I the crib during the day.

Shannon H 0 likes

Started w just naps and then the first part of the night and then all night. Started at 4 months. Heard it was harder after 6 months.

Alicia C 0 likes

Started around 3 months. It's been 3 weeks and going great. He sleeps longer then he did when he was in our room. All my friends that did it late had a very hard time with the transition. I sleep better now to because I don't wake up at his every move. We have a great video monitor to make me feel at ease.

Meg B 0 likes

Ollie just recently went into his bed for the night at maybe 19 months..? he's taken naps there though. For under 2 he's a pretty logical kid. We tell him goodnight and we love him and will see him when he wakes up, Corey mentions not to cry because we are right here and after tucking in a hundred or so stuffed animals with him he goes down without a fuss... (Mostly... Knock on wood) every so often he whines until we tell him he's welcome to cry but he's still going to sleep, breaks my heart)

S S 0 likes

8mo... I started with laying her in crib and rubbing her back or whatever I had to do to comfort her. She would fight me for awhile but we just kept doing that

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