To drop off your child for school how “ready” do you get if your going to see teacher and other parents and then come home?

Nikki M 1 like

A little bit of makeup. I went to drop off my daughters lunch today. I just put on some foundation and I wore jeans and a t-shirt

Jessica D 1 like

Drop off at my sons elementary school was done by car line. So parents could not get out of their cars. So I never got ready in the morning. My 4 yo is in preschool this year and I have to walk him in. I shower and get ready before I wake my boys up, because I have to see a bunch of parents and teachers and I run errands after I drop him off.

MamaWright3 W 2 likes

Yoga pants and a tee shirt. Hair in a bun. I don't usually wear make up.

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