TMI question in the comments.

Nata C 1 like

Ive been bleading for over a month now. Not awe fully lot, but enough to change a liner 3-4 times a day. I do have copper UID. Anyone experienced anything like this? I'm not in pain at all though. PS I do have an appointment In 2 weeks.

Mama O 2 likes

That happened to me when I had the copper IUD. I gave it 6 mos and spotted every day. Then changed it to another IUD, with hormones. Same thing. After another 6 mos I just had it removed. Unfortunately it is a side effect. Your body by nature is going to try and get rid of foreign objects, which essentially an IUD doesn't belong in our bodies. I know other women that have continued to spot with their IUD but never had a full blown period for 2-3yrs. Guess it depends on what you can tolerate!

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I have had an iud for over a year I spotted for Frist few weeks but haven’t had a period at all since

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