Any tips or suggestions on potty training a 3 yr old?? I've tried sticker charts rewards having him pick out his own underwear to even him picking out his own potty seat. He has no interest in using the potty but knows when he goes.

Sarah R 0 likes

We tried everything and sadly the only thing that worked was money. Not my idea, my Inlaws had an Inlaw appt at our house and would pay him, a quarter for pee and a dollar for poop. I'm not proud of the method but it worked. We honestly only had two give him money a couple times, just the thought of it was motivation enough.

Kate B 1 like

Try just taking the diaper away. All done!! It might be messy for a few days and u really can't go anywhere but he won't like the feeling of having accidents with no diaper. It worked for us, my son was potty trained at two because we just took the diaper away! I had a new baby and couldn't deal with BOTH in diapers.

Justine M 1 like

Agreed on diaper free and even clothing free! Be prepared for a few messes, that's how they learn. Also do your best to stay light hearted and stress free as they will pick up on the pressure. My daughter responded better when I took the pressure off of myself and her to get it right away. We did diaper free at home for a couple weeks and then as she was more confident started trying to be diaper free out and about. Nighttime can come later, as that can be a developmental thing.

Chrysta P 0 likes

We just took his diapers away too. One morning I said uh oh we don't have anymore diapers. The first couple days were rough but after that he didn't even want to wear the pull ups. Good luck momma!

Isis B 0 likes

I didn't think that the no diaper method was really very effective for boys (seeing as how when they pee it won't rub down their legs) but with clothes on I can see how it was work.., it will be messy but I am now inspired to try this potty training thing out again with my 2 yr old. Thanks ladies!

Heather M 0 likes

Honestly with my son he gets to pee out side and was doing good not going potty on himself but he had a seizure that made himself have an accident so I started over and he went all day with no accidents yesterday and hasn't peed at night for two weeks. Basically I feel like it's up to the kid.

Kim R 0 likes

My boyfriends son is four isnt completely potty trained yet during the day we have him in big boy pants ( underwear ) and he still tends to wet them and not seem to care , my boyfriend gets fed up after his son makes four mistakes and throws him in a diaper and when his son isn't here I know his mom has him in diapers cuz it's more convienet for her and same at babysitters , I'm fed up with it I keep telling the dad no more diapers which he does most of the time but when goes back to his moms

Miranda R 0 likes

When we started potty training my oldest son he was 2 at the time and we just said no more diapers. We showed him what to do when he felt like he needed to go and just kept undies on him. He didn't like the feeling of being wet or dirty. Needless to say he picked up on it very fast! He was 100% potty trained in less than 2 weeks!

Kim R 1 like

She don't do the no diaper thing all the time , we tried talking to her about it but she won't listen or follow it all the time , trying to get his son ready for school and schools wont take him if isn't potty trained ugh dont know what to do to help with that situation cuz me and bf have a daughter together now and want to be on the same page with eachother about parenting both children even tho the son isnt mine but kind of feels like he is cuz I'm in his life helping take care of him

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Potty training is hard but I realized that the reward system with either candy or other things they like work or even brib them at first to go potty , we use the tractor as on brib we tell him I go potty u can ride the tractor and that usually works and other times it's somethin else like candy or Popsicles and keep up with the potty ask him every hour if he has to go and if hasn't went in a long time and he's had a drink make him go to potty and try to go , time consuming tho have patience

Sidney H 1 like

I had to take the diaper away completely. No pull ups or anything!! It increased my laundry load but he started using the potty and was completely potty trained in a week because he couldnt stand being wet.

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Give your son lots of liquids and 15 min later just sit him on his potty until he goes ... He will cry but when he does make a really big deal high fives ... A piece o his favorite candy every time he does it ..gummy bears worked for me every time my son went pee he for to get a gummy bear out of a special jar just for him ... Good luck

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