Tips on how to help my hair loss ? :/

Liz✨ 0 likes

Take biotin vitamins! 😊

Gaby C 1 like

Continue taking prenatal vitamins or I've heard vitamin b7 supplements are for hair loss

Mama Of 3 1 like

I take postnatal pills

Reshma 1 like

Biotin works well

Sasha L 2 likes

Omg I'm going through the same thing!

Marianne M 0 likes

It's totally normal, and it's mostly old hair you didn't shed while you're pregnant. But keep taking your prenatal and a biotin supplement can help.

Charlotte's M 0 likes

Do prenatals cause water retention post partum ?

Nattie 0 likes

It's all the extra hair you grew while your hormones were raging. So your actually not losing hair per say.. Your just losing the hair you originally didn't have before pregnancy. But yes biotin helps strengthen hair and nails!

Kristina E 0 likes

It will stop an grow back fast but it sucks !! My hair is just now starting to grow back

Jessica 1 like

It has to run its course.

AJ 1 like

How long is will this course run?! Lol I'm going on 4 months :( I don't want to chop off my pretty long hair but I thinking I might have to

Missy O 1 like

My hair started falling out about 3 mo PP and started to get better at 7 mo PP.

Linda C 0 likes

Prenatal's helped my hair grow finally!

Rachael G 0 likes

Biotin and prenatal vitamins 😊

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