Tips on how to get labor started naturally (besides castor oil) This is my 2nd baby and my first was induced at 41(almost 42) weeks. Would love to go into labor naturally this time but doc said he will induce at 40 weeks this time.

Austin S 1 like

The night I went into labor (37wk 2d) I had been using EPO and bouncing on my yoga ball

Isabella M 2 likes

I was 39 weeks when I went to be induced, my labor had already started. I was eating pineapple a lot and also staying as active as I could! Try spicy food too. I married into a Mexican family and that's all I ate my last week.

Rebecca A 1 like

Sex. Worked for me at 38 weeks.

AE M 1 like

Sex walking and tea

Lil Miss Freya 1 like

Sex, and walking a lot. Stay active and spicy food does help.

Dina M 2 likes

Eat pineapple apparently it's suppose to help or take like a hot hot bath!!

Stacy 1 like


Stacy 1 like

Sex put me on the floor in contraction pain no good for me

Jordan C 3 likes

Nipple stimulation is the only proven way to naturally induce labor

Miranda W 0 likes

You don't have to get induced. You can go until 44 weeks. Your doctor recommends going at 40 weeks, but he can't make you. I found for me a combination of walking, and a bit of yoga got it started for me.

Sarah * 1 like

Squats, sex, and a lot of walking

Lauren S 1 like

Sex , walking , & bouncing!!

Lauren S 1 like

Squats also

Carolyn M 1 like

Sex, squats, walking and sex lol

Kalene B 0 likes

My best friend wore her favourite pair of underwear because nothing was happening when she tried other things and nothing was happening . Probably just the timing buthey worth a shot 😝 she also did a paper mache of her belly that night before she went into labour so the pressing and rubbing helped and walking up and down the stairs ten times

Ty L 1 like

Walking and sex. My doctor told me whatever is in sperm (I forgot what she called it) helps thin your cervix.

Judy V 1 like

Red Raspberry tea and my dr wanted to induce me too because I was also 41 weeks pregnant but wanted to go into labor naturally also. I drank the tea and two days later I had the baby.

Christina K 1 like

Primrose oil & Nipple Stimulation

Koda J 1 like

Walk walk walk!!!! I was 38 weeks 6 days. I went on a huge hike that got my heart rate going rested for a bit than went on another hike!!! It's like he knew it was time to come! I had just gotten my nails done, my hair dyed and all shaved up haha!!! Couldn't of came at a better time!

Coryn P 1 like

Sit on an exercise ball!! It helps baby get as low as possible and when you have a contraction it pushes baby's head into the cervix and helps it dilate and thin faster.

J. L 1 like

Sex and I also squatted down with feet shoulder length apart and did hoola hoop motions. The nurse told me to go home and do that. I was having minor contractions that day @ my appt. So I did that then had some sex before bed and delivered 15 hours later 😃

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