Tips on breastfeeding the LO in public?

Paige B 11 likes

Yes. Ignore everyone else and do your thing!!

Caroline B 5 likes

They sell nursing covers, you put it over your head and it covers everything! You can feed carefree :) I don't leave home without mine

Michelle K 2 likes

Or if you have a large blanket throw it over your shoulder. Muslin blankets are amazeballs!

Colbee H 2 likes

Do whatever you and baby feel comfortable with! My daughter didn't mind a cover, but my son would not have it. I always nursed him in his Maya Wrap and nobody could see anything other than a little cleavage. They are the best wraps for NIP. So easy to adjust the baby down a few inches or you can even lay them down in it. We still use ours at 15 months and 32 pounds! Nursing in public is becoming more accepted every day, and no matter who disapproves, you are protected under law.

Manda G 1 like

Thanks ladies โ˜บ๏ธ

Lauren M 1 like

Infinity scarf! I know I should just whip it out and blah blah blah but sometimes I just don't want to. Infinity scarves are pretty dang perfect for breastfeeding

Breezy M 0 likes

I breast feed my twins at the same time in public once it was hard to do but I used a cover since it was both out. If I nurse one at a time I dont use one it's a pain an my boys don't like it

Mommy L 1 like

Just focus on you and feeding your baby:). I remember when I started nursing in public. It was a little hard at times because my baby would be so fussy. She was hungry but to fussy to eat. I had I to calm her before eating and it could be stressful when all eyes are on you. Once I stopped focussing on ppl looking at me it made it so much more easier! Another tip is if your baby gets fussy when he/she is hungry.. Just feed them a before their feeding time:). This helped me out:).

Tashunda L 3 likes

I were double layers so I can pull the top shirt up. I don't cover my baby but that is your preference whether you do so or not. I'm in Florida so there are laws here that protect a mothers right to BF her baby in public. :) hope this helps.

Rebecca J 1 like

Nursing cover! I was nervous at first as well but really, no one cares. Your baby's hunger is all that matters. :)

Mellissa T 2 likes

Nursing covers or just a blanket over your front. I get really nervous and don't like doing it in public... But being covered helps

Lyn S 2 likes

First baby I was covering myself with everything! Blankets, jackets, ... Second baby I just pull Teta out and the feed fest start! I'm not the creepy one, creepy the one that doesn't keep eyes out of me! :-)

M. S 3 likes

Best thing ever. I bought 10 tanktops at Costco for $5 each and sewed the straps to fit around any nursing bra latch.. Wear almost any shirt over top and when you nurse lift your shirt up, the tank and bra unclasp down and baby eats. You seriously cannot tell I'm nursing looks like I'm just holding lo! I've had people come up to get a look at her and then get embarrassed when they realize she's eating lol.. No tummy shows, no top boob shows and you don't have to bother with a bulky cover:)

M. S 1 like

I don't know how to add a photo so here's a link for the tank.. I'm going to make them for all my gfs as they get pregnant!

Kate F 1 like

Do what you AND your LO are comfortable with. My son hates the nursing cover--he cries and flops around and tries to pull it off. When we're out, I wear clothes that give me easy access but still keep me warm and discreet. I don't like having to pull my shirt up (too cold and my muffin-top is my business), so I wear a nursing tank under a button-front shirt, henley, or cardigan. Add a scarf and I'm set.

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