Thoughts on giving newborn the hepatitis B vaccination?

Mommy T 0 likes

We did

Chandler's Mamma(: ( 1 like

We did!

Shadeara H 1 like

I thought it was needed ? I didn't get it at the hospital though like your supposed to instead he got it at two weeks at the pediatrics .

diana b 0 likes

all the vaccines all the time

BoyMom 0 likes

I skipped it because my son was a preemie

Isabella M 0 likes

We did it.

Sabrina W 1 like

My daughter got her first dose at the hospital and her second at her 2 month.

Haylee B 1 like

I waited until the Peds visit for 1 month. I am not exactly stoked about putting viruses into my baby who is minutes old.

Jordan C 1 like

We chose not too. I wasn't ok with injecting something foreign into my baby that was barely a few minutes old.

Kaitlin C 2 likes

I did it. My outlook on vaccines is if I can prevent my child from getting a terrible disease with a couple seconds of discomfort I'm going to. I am all for vaccines.

JVP 1 like

At the hospital NO! Wait till the 2 month app!

Jenn S 0 likes

All my kids have received it. I have received it as and adult as well, (it's only good for so long) i was a first responder at work. I'd rather have the immunizations done and have peace of mind they they have a less chance of getting something

Mommy O 0 likes

All my kids got it done at the hospital.

Sarah L 1 like

We waited too. I don't really understand the reasoning if there is any for that vaccination for a baby with a healthy mom. Good job, Mommy for using your head and not just going with the crowd. We need to be smart and educated patients and advocates for our LO.

Andy 0 likes

We got it at the 2 month appt. I have the vaccines as well since I'm an RN.

Emma 0 likes

Hmm I'm not sure if my lo got it at the hospital or not.. Guess that's something for me to look into because I certainly don't remember being asked or talked to about it. He's 11m now but that's not the point.

Tifanee W 0 likes

We waited until his 1 month appointment.

Danielle D 0 likes

I know several babies that have had terrible reactions to the Hep B vaccine and since Hep B is sexually transmitted or transmitted through needles (drugs) then I don't think an infant needs it. There's a long list of reactions reported following this vaccine stated on the insert...such as breathing problems, liver problems (jaundice), gastro problems (reflux and other issues), ezcema...etc

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