Thoughts on dieting while breastfeeding? Nothing hardcore, was planning on starting P90X for exercise and the meal plan that goes with it - which just includes certain foods & proper portions. Is this okay? Also, my intake says 2400 calories a day - do I need more than that? Or is there another "diet" that you would recommended instead?

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As long as you're eating a healthy amount a day (2,400 COUNT EXERCISE! Because when u burn off nutrients that's less for your breastmilk). Also good nutrient rich foods. Make sure you're including a bit of good fats too (diet meal plans may not have), because breastmilk needs that. Honestly healthy normal eating and breastfeeding with exercise alone will work. Breastfeeding burns 500+ cals.

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(Don't do diet plans for non breastfeeding people or detox programs. All the detoxed junk can/will get to ur breastmilk).

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I've been doing P90x for a long time, it's not an easy workout. I don't think it's a good idea to diet even a lIttle bit. You and your LO need as much nutrition as you can get. Breastfeeding only works if the baby is getting the nutrition it needs through you. If your dieting and working out, that is food your body will be processing to go elsewhere other than your breast milk.

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I would not even think about dieting while breastfeeding.

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I'm dieting while breastfeeding, but I'm still getting a healthy intake. Not taking pills or doing strange liquid diets. I'm only cutting the size of my meals but spreading my meals throughout the day. I eat small 6 meals a day, and I increased my water intake. There are different definitions of dieting. If cutting out junk food means "dieting", then dieting is a good thing. Exercising is fine while breastfeeding. In fact, it's recommend you exercise. P90X is tough though

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2400 is a good amount of calories. If most of those calories is nutrient dense foods, your supply should be fine. Also, drink lots of water. If your supply starts to drop, just stop. No harm in trying.

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I think you'll be fine doing that. I EBF, workout and eat clean. However, I don't count calories I just follow my hunger cues and watch my portions. Just make sure you get plenty of water.

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