Thoughts on cosleepers? My son was sleeping in a bassinet until two months old. We transitioned him to a crib with no problem and he was only waking two or three times a night. In the last four months he has increased his wake times up to 10 times per night. He sleeps great when he's in bed with me but we don't want to bed share. What cosleeper works for you?? Advice please!!!

Brittany L 1 like

I rolled up small blankets and put them on each side of my son. They would go under his arm so they were away from his face. Makes him think we are next to him.

Christine 1 like

I got this one as a gift and love it. Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural The side of it goes down and a piece of fabric goes under the mattress to keep it in place. The baby is in it's own little bed but still right next to you.

Marianne M 1 like

I got the Arms Reach co-sleeper. She slept well in it, only waking 1 or 2 times to nurse. I'd end up keeping her in bed and eventually we were bedsharing anyway, even though I never intended to. If she still fit in it, I might have kept her in the co-sleeper longer, but we both get more sleep bedsharing now.

Jesica . 1 like

I also have the arms reach mini co sleeper from babies r us and it's amazing. A bit smaller than I had imagined but it keeps him close without having to worry about him being smashed or falling at night.

Mich I 1 like

We tried a co sleeper that went in the bed. It was a nightmare. My husband weighs more then me so it was always tilting to the side and baby was rolling to that side.

Stacy 2 likes

Oh I luv them I wanna always be right up on my baby lol luv her !!!!! Of course lol

Nae M 1 like

I bought a twin mattress and had it flush up against the wall and my bed. My sweetie slept there right next to me. And my older son on the other side of me in between daddy and I. And then when we were ready for him to have his own room we just moved his bed in there.

Kristin C 0 likes

Nae did they have trouble transitioning to their own room even though they were using the same bed they were in?

Kristin C 0 likes

Is there a regular sized arms reach or only a mini one? My LO needs a mattress as large as a regular crib mattress

Rachel T 1 like

I only co sleep with my LO when she's sick. Other then that she sleeps in a pack n play in our room. I have a New Years resolution to start transitioning her to her crib come January.

Jill N 1 like

I bought the summer snuggle sleeper it's like a lil bassinet that goes on the bed , my LO loves it she is 3 months and been using it for about a month and it's been working . She wouldn't sleep for more than a half hour in her crib which was horrible for both of us not getting sleep . Now she sleeps all night and it's good for momma too we are both satisfied throughout the night :)

Jesica . 1 like

I'm sure they have bigger ones, I saw one on Pintrest at IKEA but I only saw the mini one at babies r us where I was registered and if you need one that is bigger it probably wouldn't work. It's about half the size of a pack and play and only suggested for use til 5 months.

Nae M 2 likes

My oldest had no trouble at all. My youngest did have some issue with separation anxiety. And to be honest that has always been an issue. I always had to hold him, in my arms or a carrier. As soon as it would seem like he was doing good in his room he would revert back into ours. We ended up pushing the kids beds together and he started sleeping more nights in his room than ours. Once we got a dog he has been sleeping every night in his room. The dog saved my sanity lol.

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