I know this is a very sensitive topic to some. But I have to ask considering I'm a FTM. What are your thoughts on Circumcision? I've read a little on it and it seems like something I would like to have done to my baby because of health reasons. But I'm beginning to be a little iffy about it bc I don't want my baby to experience that pain and so on.

Ashley C 4 likes

I felt the same way about getting my sons done. I was so worried about him being hurt, but if you're hospital does it when you have him then that's the best time. His was done the day or two after he was born. After they finished they brought him back to the room and he was fine, you wouldn't know anything was done to him. They are so young that they won't remember it

Ashley M 0 likes

If they do it at birth it's not as painful as if you wait later in life to have it done. I have 2 boys & both were done @ birth & they handled it great. My opinion & advice would be to do it @ birth. As you've read & researched it can cause health issues so use your best judgment. Talk to the pediatrician at delivery as well, they can help.

Tara R 6 likes

I believe that the baby should be whatever his daddy is. My hubby is not circumcised so we decided not to get our son circumcised. As long as you teach him proper hygiene when he's old enough I believe there is nothing wrong with not circumcision.

A W 9 likes

There are no health benefits. It's totally personal choice. As an RN in Canada I can tell u it's not even discussed in hospital anymore unless you ask for information. Also very hard to find a physician here who will do it. It is not covered here under our universal health care because it's considered cosmetic. No judgement but I would do some more research:)

Jessica 4 likes

They do not remember the pain it's like when girl get their ears pierced as a baby they don't remember it. My son is circumcised. As for reasons I can't give you many it's just something we do in our families I guess my hubby said he wanted it done and didn't see why not. Some people do based on tradition or religious beliefs. However I think you and your SO or his father should agree on it.

Sarah K 0 likes

I found out right before I had my Lo that it's a controversial topic as some see it as genital mutilation for men. My husband felt strongly that we should do it so after consulting with our pediatrician who cited the health reasons for doing it we decided to. But have heard its becoming less common in the U.S.

Rosy A 3 likes

I did it to my son. It is uncomfortable one day only. You will hace to put vaseline or ointment on it every diaper change for 3 days. It gets bloody red (I was in shock when I saw it, so my husband did the ointment part) but he was fine. Then 3 months after the doctor told us we need to move the skin down to clean. He is fine On the other hand my sister waited 7 years for my nephews's circumsition and he suffered a lot. I think the sooner the better. Before they start walking or moving a lot

Brittany M 0 likes

My husband went into the room with my son when he was circumcised and he said he barely even cried for just a few seconds. If that helps at all...

Samantha C 5 likes

I was told once they apply the anesthetic they can't feel anything really. I'm having my son circumcised for health reasons & because I think it would be weird for him to see his dad naked and wonder why they don't look the same when he's a little older..I think it's a very personal decision and moms should keep their opinions to themselves unless asked. I hate when other women get put down for the decisions they make for their children. You know what's right for you and your family :)

A V 0 likes

From what I have read I seriously believe in not circumcising because the main reason why people choose to get it is because of religion or because they think it os 'cleaner' but in reality the foreskin protects the urethra from getting dirty. You just need to pull back the skin and wipe. Everyone says it's not clean but if you keep your son clean, then there should be no problem with his genitals being unclean. Also the anesthesia that they give the babies don't work to numb so cont...

A V 5 likes

They feel everything the doctor is doing. I think that when they are old enough to decide for themselves is when they should get it done. I don't believe it is the parents choice to put their kid under unnecessary pain.

Cici 4 likes

When my baby was born the first day at hospital I asked 2 pediatricians and 3 nurses whether or not should LO do circumcision, they all gave me the exact same answer : "it's up to you BUT my boys didn't get it". So I think if their sons didn't get it and are all fine then I am following

JVP 6 likes

There are no real health benefits as recently studied. Uncircumcised is not hard to keep clean at all. I think circumcision personally is cruel if you wouldn't do it for a girl why would u for a boy. I have a friend who they messed it up on her son and cannot fix the mistake! It's also risky. It is painful.

MamaBear 6 likes

I decided against it. I personally don't think it's fair for me to be able to make a decision to permanently alter my child's body just because he is too young to make the decision himself. (I am also against getting a little girl's ears pierced. I feel that should be done when the child is old enough to ask for it herself) Far as I understand, circumcision isn't even necessary, it's more about preference, religion and cosmetic.

SquishyMommy1 7 likes

My children are all intact. Outside of a medical reason I believe it's a human rights violation and should be illegal.

Lauren P 3 likes

My friends boyfriend had to get circumcised at 7 years old because he was getting repetitive infections. I personally would have my son circumcised, if I had a boy.

Mrs P 4 likes

I personally would get it done but that's me. Every one is different and what ever u feel is best for your child, go with it! You'll hear a million and one reasons why you should or should not, just talk it over with hubby and go with your instinct

Danielle D 1 like

My son is not circumcised...it's more of a cosmetic procedure. It's unnecessary and some babies actually die from the procedure or infection afterwards.

Carrie W 6 likes

I would do it. I wouldn't want my son to feel "different"... Life is hard enough and kids are mean.

Melissa S 2 likes

I feel like it's a couples choice. We did so my son matched his father. I remember before we even had our son my SO's sister texted explaining why we shouldn't blah blah and basically said her husband was upset because his parents altered his body. I just replied saying we made the decision that worked best for us. I feel like my son would feel weird if he didn't match his father.

Sweetest M 5 likes

Would you consider getting yourself done? Female circumcision is a thing. If not for you, then why your son?

Christina P 2 likes

My son had it done the day after he was born. I did it mostly to avoid any future infections. I also remember a boyfriend I had when I was 17. He wasn't circumcised and I remember how extremely uncomfortable he was when he told me that he wasn't. Like he thought it would be a deal breaker. It wasn't a big deal to me, but was for him

Tara M 4 likes

My son is circumcised. I've been verbally attacked on forums before for sharing that info, but I stand beside my decision. Everyone has opinions. If I had another son, he would be circumcised as well. It's what we do in our family. My DH is strongly for it, and he's got one so I feel as if he's pretty darn informed on the subject. My son does not remember ever being different, having any pain, or having the procedure done. I'm glad we did it when he was born.

Jordan C 6 likes

There are no real health benefits to circumcision and it's not a parents choice to remove a functioning part of their newborn baby's body. You don't circumcise your baby girls so why do it to boys. It's considered a cosmetic procedure. The United States in the only country where it is even a routine procedure. A lot of countries refer to the United States as barbaric for even thinking of doing such a thing to their healthy newborn babies.

Wendy R 2 likes

I had both my sons done while in the hospital. I opted for them to have it done for two reasons. My father had his done at 20 and said it was horrible. Apparently that's y they do it when their babies because I guess they don't remember it and heal faster and I've been told the older the boy is the more painful it is when it's done. Also, I work and have worked with a lot of mentally retarded adult men and for health reasons a

Mama D 1 like

I personally didn't have it done with my son. (10 months)I keep him extra clean ( if that's even possible) just wiping him really good down there every time. We haven't had an issue ( thankfully ) I've had a few friends that had boys and decided not to circumcise but had to give them the surgery a yr later because of getting infections. I don't plan on getting my next son circumcised either. Hopefully it goes as well as with this one

Wendy R 1 like

good majority of have had to have it done and it wasn't a good experience for them. I just figured I would rather be safe than sorry. I didn't want to not do it and then them need it later and feel guilty that they had to go through it when it would have been easier as a baby. Whatever u opt to do is up to u and neither one is wrong or right. Good luck

Mama D 1 like

All In all I believe it's just a personal decision and whatever you decide will be a great decision because you decided it :) My mom was against me not circumsizing the baby , however my DH and I had decided together that we wanted our LO un- circumsized And that's what we stuck with

Britaney G 1 like

Think of when there adults, is your husband circumcised? And if so, how would you feel if he wasn't? I personally have dated somebody that wasn't circumcised, nope never again lol. It's in a way good for your son. Only hurts for a minute.

Cynthia K 0 likes

Thank you all for positive opinions! They are greatly appreciated & have opened my mind to see others POV on it.

SquishyMommy1 1 like

Yes my husband is circumcised...and I would feel exactly the same if he was intact. Because I'm not shallow.

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